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Tartu In A Day

Thanks to its strategic location just a stone’s throw away from the Russian border, Tartu has become one of the most well-known cities among Russians,

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I know that I am not a real traveller, I have been only in 5 countries in Europe!


Asia is not only a home for me, but also a hidden paradise that is waiting to be explored more.

About me and the blog

Real amateur traveler who keeps trying to make a good post for her own ambition: to be as famous as Stephen King. Before you read my posts, please note that I write like a toddler trying to compose a good story to impress the parents.

Originally I am from Indonesia, but I am currently “occupying” a small town not so far from Moscow, enjoying the white winter, sorrowful spring, super summer, and ‘amazing’ autumn.


Please enjoy it!

Instagram: @funuburubur

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