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Sanction, sanction, sanction… Living in alienation under a deluge of sanctions sometimes has a silver lining. It means you must be super creative to fulfill

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Moving to Russia Blog Expat: living abroad



I know that I am not a real traveller, I have been only in 5 countries in Europe!


Asia is not only a home for me, but also a hidden paradise that is waiting to be explored more.

About me and the blog

Real amateur traveler who keeps trying to make a good post for her own ambition: to be as famous as Stephen King. Before you read my posts, please note that I write like a toddler trying to compose a good story to impress the parents.

Originally I am from Indonesia, but I am currently “occupying” a small town not so far from Moscow, enjoying the white winter, sorrowful spring, super summer, and ‘amazing’ autumn.

The posts in this blog are written not only by me, sometimes it could be my friends who generously help me to add some more contents. You might say that I am slacker and lazy to write (it’s true), but actually I just like to provide a place where people can express their idea and share their interesting experiences about traveling.

Please enjoy it!

Instagram: @funuburubur

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