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Frankly speaking, I have been here twice, one of my visits was something triggered by curiosity and a high level of stupidity. I dare to say so just because that time I just bought a ticket, I will repeat: just bought and spent my precious 50$ SGD as if I was a visitor with a healthy bank account. As I arrived there, I strolled through the amusement park, took some pictures and tried some attractions which were specifically made for a person under 10 years old (FYI, at that time I was 22). So, I was standing in the middle of a long and endless queue full…

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I know Singapore very well, especially about how expensive things are there. No wonder. I have been in Singapore about a million times, not only because I like being in such a futuristic and clean place, but also Singapore is  the closest country which I can reach easily from Indonesia. In only about one and half hours I can be overseas, a luxury for people who live in an archipelago which is surrounded by the sea. Really, I have always dreamt about what if Indonesia were surrounded not by water, but by land, like Thailand in Southeast Asia, or like Spain in Europe. It would be easier…

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  The guide brought us to the trail we chose while telling us a brief story or legend about Komodo. We stopped at some points to take pictures and get explanations about Komodo. Komodo dragons are carnivores. They eat even their babies. That explanation made me say thanks to God because I am human. Imagine, how hard it would be to be a baby Komodo. Not only an eagle or any other predator in the jungle wants to eat you, but also your parents. For escaping the danger, babies of Komodo usually hide themselves inside the old coconut trunk on the ground. As both predators can’t come…

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Komodo Island (Part 3)

  I could say that I really went with my gut when I decided to arrange my trip to Komodo. I didn’t have any idea what to do there, I didn’t imagine what kind of holiday I would have and I didn’t even know how to arrange my itinerary. It’s not just because Komodo Island at that time wasn’t on my list of must-visit places, but also majority of tourists that go to that island are foreigners, not locals. There might be some, but we can’t compare it with foreigners. It’s a sad fact, but that’s it, Indonesians tend to perceive going abroad as more cool. On…

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Komodo Island (Part 2)

  How to get there? It’s not so easy, but it’s not that hard either. You don’t need a special helicopter like John Hammond in Jurassic Park, as we have some commercial flights that can bring you there. What you need is a flight to Bali (Denpasar). You might question my suggestion, but I tell you that the flight through Bali is the cheapest one you can get compared to a direct flight from Jakarta. If you are stubborn and insist on going from Jakarta, you will need to pay more and have some transits in Ende, Bajawa or Kupang. So, book a ticket from Jakarta to…

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