The guide brought us to the trail we chose while telling us a brief story or legend about Komodo. We stopped at some points to take pictures and get explanations about Komodo. Komodo dragons are carnivores. They eat even their babies. That explanation made me say thanks to God because I am human. Imagine, how hard it would be to be a baby Komodo. Not only an eagle or any other predator in the jungle wants to eat you, but also your parents. For escaping the danger, babies of Komodo usually hide themselves inside the old coconut trunk on the ground. As both predators can’t come inside to reach them. ​
The story went to a quite famous legend for villagers. Legend about the origin and emergence of Komodo. The villagers believe that they came from one ancestor. Because Komodo, or Putri Komodo (in some story, he is a prince) and human had one mother. They both lived separately until they both found out that they were siblings. This legend was proven once when our second president, Soeharto, ordered the villagers of Komodo to leave the town and migrate to the mainland as he considered it dangerous to live with Komodo around after some accidents. The villagers weren’t eager to move but they had to. So, shortly speaking, they agreed with that and started to cross the sea and created new civilization in the mainland. But, do you know what happened next? When the president came to the island with the purpose of visiting, the president and his entourage didn’t meet with any of them. Not even one Komodo. They just disappeared. And when the villagers came back, they began to appear again. Isn’t it interesting?
After finishing first story, the guide decided to distract us from fear with his other story that I thought made it even worse. This time, our conversation was about his mate who had got his legs bitten by Komodo and how they saved him and brought him to a hospital in Bali. Not only that, he also ‘attached’ his story by showing us the picture of the legs. Eeeewwww… It drained my last guts! After he tortured me with it, he shared his experience with becoming a guide for tourists. He said once he was on a test, and a Komodo ran after him until they needed to climb up the tree. As you know, Komodo are not as innocent as they look like. They waited for him under the tree. But, our smart guide threw his clothes to another tree, distracted the Komodo who directly ran to catch the t-shirt, and ran from that place as fast as possible.


We didn’t meet so many Komodo actually, as we came at a nap time, that’s what our guide said to us. We met one or two which were lying around under the shadow of the trees, looking for protection from the burning sunlight. We kept moving around, passed a dry river, did some hiking to the hill and took some tantalizing pictures.
And guess where we found more Komodo? Close to the ranger’s, hut which means that it was close to the entrance…. They were lying around and it made it hard to distinguish between the real one and the statues.
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