Free Things-To-Do in Gothenburg – One Day Itinerary

Visiting a pricey destination needs more preparation, especially if you can’t afford a spending splurge (read: need to be stingy) and prefer to travel wisely and modestly. The most essential thing to do on your list: check free-entrance attractions or sightseeing activities available in the town. Second on your list: find other ways to spend your time if point one fails. And last but not least – let’s pray and hope that you don’t need to be a beggar in your destination country, or work part-time as a dishwasher because you are flat broke. My second destination after Stockholm is Gothenburg, another expensive city in Sweden. Under…

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Made in Russia

Sanction, sanction, sanction… Living in alienation under a deluge of sanctions sometimes has a silver lining. It means you must be super creative to fulfill the needs of your citizens under millions of boycotts that limit your opportunity to import products. And, in a country like Russia, where the government controls almost every aspect of its citizens' lives, the condition is far more complicated. Although the Russian government doesn’t block all western sites, such as Google or Amazon, we still have a problem with delivery and shipment. Some sites don’t provide shipment to Russia as their packages often disappear out of the blue with “the super service”…

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No Picture, Please! How good are the museums in Vienna?

Everybody loves Vienna, except the person who wrote this post. That is the truth I must deal with. No matter how picturesque its buildings are, no matter how majestic its history is, Vienna is still not able to lure me. To reduce the impression I have towards this city, I even wrote a novel whose main character is from Vienna – a charming guy who speaks German and behaves like a gentleman. But, that is another story… If you ask me whether or not I will return to Vienna someday, I would think twice, three times, unless you buy me a return ticket + accommodation + transportation.…

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Austria: Vienna In My Eyes

Habsburg Monarchy, Schnitzel, Austrian Strudel, Austrian Schnapps, and Arnold Schwarzenegger… Wien, Salzburg, Innsbruck... Those things are all I know about Austria — I'm too shallow to believe that I used to study political science, majoring in International Relationships. As an excuse for my innocence, I keep reminding myself that not all International Relationships students know that Rendang is originally from Indonesia. Our Schengen visa was still valid until May 2019. Just after the NYE holiday ended, with a very strong enthusiasm, I started to plan my next holiday, annoying my husband as I brought up the idea when we had just arrived home with tons of laundry.…

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Mt. Sumbing “Beyond every introvert dream”

Author: Yan Bastian It was July 05, 2019 I wrote a letter that could change my life, a letter that could mean a sign for me to move on and let my comfort be thrown away, I wrote my resignation letter. At first I thought this would be my very boring last task due to I need to finish it in just one month prior leaving the office officially, until a friend of mine gave me a call about mountain climbing invitation.  I feel as if my departure was very blessed by God because it came at the right time and I just immediately agreed and arranged…

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