Cambodian Cuisine

Taking a culinary tour of Cambodia is just a perfect idea. Although the purpose of my travels from the get-go wasn’t to indulge in the local food, the temptation of trying something new was just irresistible to me. As you might know, many people consider Asia the best place for exotic food. You can translate this ‘exotic food’ in your mind as you want. Some might have the view that it’s the locally common ingredients such as prawns, coconut milk, turmeric, cloves, and other spices that make it special, while others might describe its rarer local delicacies, for example fried spicy spiders and so forth. As for…

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Where Did We Go in Angkor Wat? (Big Circuit)

Srah Srang Our journey begun in Srah Srang, a reservoir located exactly in front of Banteay Kdei. If you take a one-day tour for a double trail (big circle and small circle of the Angkor Wat complex), the journey usually starts here. According to its modern name, Srah Srang means ‘royal bath’. Although the name means that, please don’t be fooled like I was. This wasn’t a real pool or swimming pool. In the past, the water was stored for the benefit of all creatures, except the elephants. Why not the elephants? I have no idea. So, they used to use this water not only for swimming and…

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Angkor Wat Part 1

BASIC INFORMATION: All you need to know before visiting Angkor Wat Some people said that to visit Angkor Wat in a day was truly a blunder. I can’t agree with them more. But, as ordinary people with a bit of stubbornness, we kept to the previous plan of touring the Angkor Wat complex in a day. I have made a list about the pluses and minuses of our one day journey: PLUS The ticket, undoubtedly, is cheap - it only cost $37 USD.If you are a light explorer or a cheapskate, and you don’t want to tour the entire complex, a one day ticket is a good…

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What To See in Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh

After spending a night watching the Water Festival and sitting for too long on the bus, what we needed was to sleep like logs. Yet, our (actually, my) enthusiasm about exploring Phnom Penh successfully beat what we called our tiredness. Right after coming back to the hotel, with the help of a super map and guide book we ‘stole’ from the receptionist’s area, we made a list of places we’d like to visit around Sisowath Quay. Some tuk-tuk drivers who stood in front of our hotels offered us a short or long journey around the capital. Usually, they handed you a list of places along with the…

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Water Festival in Phnom Penh

Life is an adventure, and MY life is that kind. Wherever I go, unexpected things always happen, whether good or bad, pleasant or annoying. The good thing is I always have something to write about. Maybe that’s God's way of helping me stay on my path: rambling about something unimportant in my blog, or my diary if I still had it. When we go to the hotel in Phnom Penh, I stretched for a few minutes, jumped on my bed to see how soft it was, and, of course, filled my tummy. The owner of the hotel proudly told us that we were lucky to come at…

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