Giving Birth in Russia Part 1

Imagine that you are staying in a very old hospital. The doctors are serious, the nurses stern. The facilities are the bare minimum needed during your hardest time of labor. This might make you think twice about getting pregnant in Russia. But, wait...Is this the description of a hospital you get from Hollywood movies? If it is, please simply turn your television off and find more reliable sources! Most of the hospitals spread throughout much of the cities were built during the Soviet era, which will make you judge at first glance that the hospital is just "old"; not fashionable, not looking like the modern, sophisticated hospitals in…

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Banks in Russia, Which One Should You Choose?

Finding a credible bank is not an easy job, especially if you are an expat living in a new country. A country which, according to some judgmental people (even though they have never set foot there before), is so dangerous and corrupted that you'd better not move there or even think to save your money there! Putin will use it for maintaining his power! Oh, no! Believe me, dear, what you have in your bank account is about enough for those oligarchies to buy a box of their favorite candy or a toothpick. To be honest, I used to believe that and refused to transfer my cash…

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5 Russian Movies to Watch (Comedy) — A good way for improving your language (only for intermediate)

Many have said that to fully immerse yourself in a language, you need to try to comprehend their way of thinking. But, to understand their way of thinking, first of all, you need to speak their language. Like it or not, you can’t deny that learning a language of your destination country, especially if you plan to stay there longer than any normal tourists will ever do, is as important as the air itself. Learning the local language will not only help you in daily life situations, but also will help you adapt better and faster, reducing homesickness that sometimes attacks you out of the blue. One…

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Feeling Under the Weather in Russia

Spring is always inspiring and invigorating. During the springtime our body starts to react differently. It's as if the energy that was previously “boiled away” during the winter suddenly rose to its peak. The brighter the sun shines, the happier we feel. The greener the grass, the more itchy feet we have. It’s just too hard to stay at home working like a dog when it is too sunny to be true outside, isn’t it? What we want to do is just sit in the sun, lying on the grass and sipping some coke as company. We don’t even care that the wind might still be as…

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Be My Guest: Become a guest in a Russian House

Becoming a guest in somebody’s house is a pleasant experience, especially if that ‘somebody’ has a distinctive culture, different customs and a different language. You will not only be able to indulge yourself in some exquisite homemade traditional food served by your host, but also immerse yourself in a new culture. Russians have long embraced the concept that “the guest is a king”, which means if you are invited by them, there will be a guarantee that you won’t starve or be treated inappropriately. They will serve you as much food as they can cook to make sure that your tummy is full. Am I kidding? No,…

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