Tips for Cheapskate in Stockholm

Stockholm is expensive not only for locals (according to some locals’ answers) but also for tourists. To put it simply, you need more than just guts to visit this city. You need a significant amount of money in your pocket to survive. So, it is not the ideal place for a cheapskate to visit. However, I still can’t just delete Sweden from my long list of places to visit. Eventually, I found a way to travel wisely and economically. Here are my tips that you need to read before packing your bag. 1. Choose the hotel wisely Hotels in Stockholm are just unbelievably expensive, especially compared with…

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Travel to Stockholm from Turku by Ferry

To be honest, setting off on a journey hasn’t been an easy thing for me to do in recent years. When I was broke and jobless, I used to love flying. Even passing by an airport was able to get me as excited as a kid in a toy shop. Planes were able to conjure up ideas that something new is waiting to be explored, and a new world is ready to be discovered. But, nothing is perfect in this world. Now that I am not broke anymore and can afford a journey every 3 months (I should brag about that, huh), I've started to hate flying.…

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Having Fun in Turku’s Castle and Turku Cathedral

Turku Castle Besides being one of my favorite cities, Turku is also home to my favorite place to visit and it is considered one of the biggest and most visited places in the country. Don’t get me wrong. It's not a bar, discotheque, or anything like that. It's a CASTLE. Yep. The castle, which was first founded around the 12th century, has become one of the most visited museums in Finland. The heyday of this museum/castled dates back to the 11th or 12th centuries, where Turku and Finland was still one of the provinces of the Swedish Kingdom. Initially it was established to serve as a bastion…

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Turku, In Winter Or In Summer?

I really love this city. If somebody were to ask me where I would like to live when I have millions of sacks full of gold to buy a house abroad besides my current home in Moscow, I would blatantly say ‘Turku’! Turku (in Suomi) a.k.a Åbo (in Swedish) is the oldest city in the country. Before retaining its own name ‘Turku’, it was originally called Suomi (Finland) which later became the name for the whole country itself. The name Åbo was given by the Swedish as this area was part of their kingdom. What does Turku offer? As I mentioned before, Turku is the oldest town…

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What You Should Do in Vienna Other Than Museums?

Watching people and witnessing how the locals live is one of my favorite things to do in a new city. That might be a reason why I am keen on spending time sitting in the subway in Moscow or somewhere similar and watching how people use their time and how they communicate with each other. Unfortunately, hanging out in the subway is more difficult to do in Vienna. Not only because I am unfamiliar with it, but also because I hardly ever find a place to sit down at Stadtbahn (a subway station in Vienna). Some stations have enough seating, but in others, that might be a…

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