Lost in Art

Becoming an art aficionado, or even an artistic person, has never been a goal in my life. Since my early childhood, I was not inclined to artistry, despite the fact that my grandfather was a very talented artist with the ability to draw as good as Picasso. The one and only artistic memory I’ve ever had was of a drawing competition in kindergarten where I successfully brought home a certificate stating that I was one of the most enthusiastic participants. I have saved it and proudly take it with me to Russia, by the way. After a long time of having little to do with art, I…

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Suomenlinna or Sveaborg?

To be honest, right after I planned to write this post, I found out that Finland and Sweden are also archipelago countries. That was a shame to say, but then again I looked for a justification: during my time at school, they didn’t mention anything about Scandinavian countries. We focused our geography learning around Asia, a bit of Europe, and a chunk of Australia and America. We never learned any Scandinavian history, we just know that the capital city of Finland is Helsinki while Sweden’s is Stockholm. As an archipelago country, it was a big task for me to choose the most interesting one to visit. After…

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Tervetuloa Suomeen – Welcome to Finland

To bear the title of the cleanest country in the world according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), a project developed by Yale University and Columbia University, Finland has proven itself to be really deserving of it. As I get used to seeing rubbish scattered everywhere, along with a pile of unrecycled material in every corner of the street, or a high level of air pollution, not to mention some bed (yes, it’s a bed, for sleeping on) or other strange object floating along our river in Indonesia, Finland was like some kind of heaven to my eyes. I can’t say that Russia, where I live now, is…

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