Turku, In Winter Or In Summer?

I really love this city. If somebody were to ask me where I would like to live when I have millions of sacks full of gold to buy a house abroad besides my current home in Moscow, I would blatantly say ‘Turku’! Turku (in Suomi) a.k.a Åbo (in Swedish) is the oldest city in the country. Before retaining its own name ‘Turku’, it was originally called Suomi (Finland) which later became the name for the whole country itself. The name Åbo was given by the Swedish as this area was part of their kingdom. What does Turku offer? As I mentioned before, Turku is the oldest town…

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What You Should Do in Vienna Other Than Museums?

Watching people and witnessing how the locals live is one of my favorite things to do in a new city. That might be a reason why I am keen on spending time sitting in the subway in Moscow or somewhere similar and watching how people use their time and how they communicate with each other. Unfortunately, hanging out in the subway is more difficult to do in Vienna. Not only because I am unfamiliar with it, but also because I hardly ever find a place to sit down at Stadtbahn (a subway station in Vienna). Some stations have enough seating, but in others, that might be a…

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Etcetera Before Bratislava: Sim Card and Transportation Inside-Outside The City

This post will be the most condensed post ever. That’s not because I have been bumming around recently like my acquaintances always say about me. Even though they may be right... I am struggling hard to find some minutes to make a post as I am busy enriching myself with the new experience of being a slacker, yay! Sim Card in Bratislava You need to feel what I felt when I tried to buy a sim card in a supermarket in Bratislava and they said ‘No, sorry. You need an ID card to buy one. We don’t accept any foreign passports’. I was really in a panic!!!…

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Bratislava For a While

Each new year gives you a new life and, sometimes, new ideas. I couldn't agree more with this idea, as it has happened to me. With the new year, I noticed a change in the way I travel. As you have read in my previous posts (I hope), I started 2019 in a far-flung country (if we consider that I am from Indonesia). That country was Finland, and Finland stamped a generous six-month Schengen Visa in my passport. That was kind of a surprise for me—for a person from a developing country like Indonesia, getting a Schengen Visa (even for a week) was as hard as being…

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Lost in Art

Becoming an art aficionado, or even an artistic person, has never been a goal in my life. Since my early childhood, I was not inclined to artistry, despite the fact that my grandfather was a very talented artist with the ability to draw as good as Picasso. The one and only artistic memory I’ve ever had was of a drawing competition in kindergarten where I successfully brought home a certificate stating that I was one of the most enthusiastic participants. I have saved it and proudly take it with me to Russia, by the way. After a long time of having little to do with art, I…

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