Korchma — A traditional Ukrainian restaurant

Restaurants are everywhere, but if you're looking for something unusual, then Moscow is one of the best places to visit. Having a long history beginning with the immigration of the Russ to the downfall of USSR, Moscow has been influenced by its neighbors. It's no wonder there are hundreds of Georgian restaurants, Armenian food, and traditional Ukrainian restaurants on the street, trying to attract more visitors.  Korchma — Taras Bulba was actually a fictional character in one of Nikolay Gogol’s masterpieces. He was described as a Zaporozhian Cossack who went to battle against Poland. His appearance — with his unique ponytail — has become the official logo…

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Food in Malacca

Food is something that can immensely enrich your journey; it not only gives you energy to stroll around the country, but a plate of a traditional dish is also able to candidly tell you what’s hiding deep within its secret ingredients and its unique mixture. To put it into plain English, you can learn about someone’s culture through their cuisine! Of course, I don't have such deep contemplations every time I devour what is put in front of me on the table. What I mostly do is 'lick my plate' clean or invite my husband or friend to share the food with me. That’s all!Sampling a traditional dish…

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  ​Frankly, I am not an aficionado of the hamburger. Since I was a kid, I have preferred fried chicken. The reason might be that I am a real Asian who has never liked bread (any types of bread), or that meat is too hard to be digested by my sensitive tummy. Moreover, I try not to get into the habit of eating too much junk food if there are other choices available. Unfortunately, due to a lack of small, cheap restaurants in Moscow, I finally gave in. Once or twice a month I can’t turn down the chance to go to Burger King, McDonald's, or another…

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Don’t lie to me; don’t say that you don’t love fast food. I understand that healthy people can easily survive without consuming any fast food. They even consider this food to be a serious threat to human health. But still, people don’t care (myself included sometimes) and keep funding, aiding, and supporting some giant's fast food kingdom (you-know-what-they-are). Eating fast food has become a part of our modern life, a part of entertainment that you can hardly get in your busy day. So having this food available sometimes is not a big sin, is it? I don’t think that it is a sin, especially when you know that…

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Korean Restaurants in Moscow

  To be frank, I am not a wealthy girl with a thick wallet and lots of credit cards. But, I love to try new things anytime I get a big project that pays me a bit more than usual. One of my favourite things to try is new foods. Exotic foods, strange foods, exquisite foods, street foods, and so on. As long as the food is eye catching, smells good and makes my stomach rumble, I will try it. So, a few weeks ago, I craved Korean food for seemingly no reason. Or maybe I had a reason, one important reason - I really missed spicy…

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