King Boko Ruins

Written by: Sri Lestari If someone were to ask me about the best historical places to visit in Yogyakarta, Borobudur and Prambanan are certainly the first things that would come to mind. However, on my recent visit, I was enchanted by dozens of other places as well. One of the places I never thought of was King Boko ruins. My actual plan was to see nearby attractions the first day I arrived. So, I thought Prambanan had to be a good choice as it only took 25 minutes to travel there from where I was staying. When trying to buy a ticket for my Prambanan adventure, the…

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You can see, but you can’t swim: beaches in Yogyakarta

Writing has always been painstaking work for me. Not only because I need to put a lot of effort into expressing something in a language that is not my mother tongue, but also because I must do thorough research so what I write will be readable and contains fact, without consisting of lots of boring and meaningless paragraphs. Moreover, as a real procrastinator, I need more time than normal people need to write even a single sentence. Another thing that jeopardizes all these situations is the undeniable fact that I like to put off some activities (almost all, actually) if I consider them to be ‘not so…

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Yogyakarta, and what to see there

Like I always say, Indonesia is not just about Bali. There are approximately 13,000 islands waiting to be explored. Even though, of course, some of them are uninhabited, very remote, and located in the far-flung corners of the country with undeveloped infrastructure, which will turn your journey into a real wild adventure. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you go to them. As for myself, despite the fact that Indonesia is my homeland, I have only been to some of the islands, not exactly all like I mentioned before. But, yes – if you are getting bored of visiting Bali, Jakarta, then Bali again, then you should…

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Frequently Ask Questions in Indonesia

Indonesians are super friendly. Indonesians are chatterboxes. I’ve heard those things a million times from visitors to my beloved country. So, what do I think about that? That’s such a hard question. Indonesians are amiable and easy to talk to, especially if you speak our language, Bahasa Indonesian. Others that don't speak the language are no less friendly. We're simply friendly and like to talk, question, and gossip. If you're a foreigner living in Indonesia, or you're just simply a tourist, you might consider it as great hospitality while still in the ‘honeymoon phase’. You'll have this feeling that everything is still fine, beautiful, nice. This usually…

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Indonesian Taxibike — Go Jek

  Ojek, or taxibike, is considered one of the most important modes of public transportation in Indonesia, compared to others like buses, trains, or bicycles. They are quite famous. In the middle of a terrible traffic jam, ojek, or taxibike, is the perfect choice not just because of their cheapness but also because the amount of time we spend in an ojek is shorter than what we would spend on the bus. Departing from this typical practice, some creative entrepreneurs decided to establish a very interesting business that later become a new trend. It sounds like a lot, but believe it or not this company offers not…

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