Culture Shock

 Making the decision to move to another country was not that hard for me. As a restless person who has a thirst for adventure, and whom I might add, is a bit daredevil, I have always found it exhilarating to live a new life in the middle of millions of unfamiliar people; I enjoy being a total outsider, and discovering something new. Yet, sometimes I remain blissfully ignorant of the consequences that lay ahead. Actually, everybody does. We are often blind with excitement, great expectations, hopes and other positive emotions that will leave sooner or later, once we have arrived to the foreign destination.A short time ago,…

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My husband and I really love watching movies, especially if the movies are about space or something like that. When I lived in Indonesia, I didn’t watch movies very often. It was because, at that time, I didn’t have enough time for watching. And, also my internet connection wasn’t so stable. Moreover, we didn't have access for downloading movies. I know that this is forbidden in many countries. But, sometimes the rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?  I started ‘my journey’ in ‘space by watching Interstellar. It was a really good movie. I could raise even my 4 thumbs up (2 of them are big…

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The X-files

Mulder and Scully are coming back! But note that although I am a novice X-phile, I am not a total newbie!  In Indonesia, one of our TV channels would turn every Thursday night into an investigative nightmare by showing this epic series. It was eerie watching the episodes alone (even though my mom was sleeping beside me that time), but I was too curious not to look. So once I peeked from behind my blanket and suddenly the room got dark! I suppose it was because I fell asleep. Unfortunately, when I had conquered any fears about watching the X-Files, that channel stopped showing the much-loved series.…

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