Travel With RZD. How Comfortable Is it?

Living in a country with grotesque territory is some kind of blessing for a person with itchy feet like me. It just means I will have more things to see and places to explore. As an Indonesian I can't complain much. Everyone who asks me about my country of origin says, "Wow! You are so lucky. You can go to Bali because it is so close." However, Indonesia is definitely not only about Bali. BUT I don’t live in Indonesia anymore. I am ‘trapped’ here in Russia where people tend to say, "Oh gosh. You are crazy. What on earth are you doing there?" Believe it or…

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Ice Sculptures Park Pobediy

Winter has come to Moscow, and I finally have the chance to try my new winter jacket (or so I thought). But then I found out that this winter isn’t what I was expecting. It isn’t as harsh as last year, where we had a snowfall even in June, or two years ago where the snow fell two weeks before my birthday (in October). Last week, I almost jumped with joy to find what I assumed was a snowflake on my shoulders. But then I had a bitter pill to swallow when I realized it wasn't snow, it was a flake of dandruff from wearing my hat…

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Space Pavilion VDNKh!

Yuriy Gagarin and his charming smile Since I was a toddler, I always dreamt of being an astronout. It is probably because I was a big fan of a Manga cartoon from Japan, “Sailor Moon”, and thought that by flying to space I would get to meet them… Or! It was just my hidden passion that still remains today. I have always been interested in cosmic things: planets, the solar system, black holes, the big bang theory, and all that jazz. Unfortunately, living in Indonesia means that I need to bury it deeply as we don’t have enough resources or facilities related to the cosmos, space, and…

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​VDNKh, which stands for Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva, or in English – The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy – is an official area that was built to be an exhibition and amusement park. Having a long history behind its establishment, such as a number of delays during the process, changes to the statues’ designs, names and so forth, VDNKh is considered a must-visit place during your stay in Moscow. ​Why do you need to visit this place? To be honest, this was the first time I paid the VDNKh a visit even though I have been living here for more than 4 years. That’s not…

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Public Transportation in Moscow

  As one of the most progressive cities in the world, Moscow provides lots of options for public transportation, which you can easily choose when you arrive in this historical capital city. But, as the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”; carefulness is something that you can’t just leave at home. Pack it in your bag and carry it along your journey! No matter how sophisticated the city is or how developed the country is, a review from someone who has already been to the country is always worth a read, right? Especially in this era, when you can access any kind of information via the internet.…

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