Coastal Fishing Village + Beach in Mui Ne

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Mui ne is a home for fishermen. It’s as simple as ABC to eat out and indulge on any kind of seafood anytime you stay in Mui Ne. For me, as a person who has spent her 25 years of life surrounded by oceans and seas, seafood is not an extravagant dish, because eating seafood is a part of my bourgeois life in Indonesia (uh-huh). In other words, we only eat seafood with vegetables and fruits because the price of meat is as high as the Eiffel Tower – well, not so high, but also not affordable enough to be included in an everyday meal.
​So, my eyes were wide with shock, when I saw my then-boyfriend (now husband) get so excited about eating noodles with prawns. His face was as ecstatic as a kid eating ice cream for the first time. Now, after four years living in Russia, I finally understand him…fish in Russia is pretty expensive. They only have salmon and local fish, whose price sometimes make me a little crazy.
Let me stop babbling about these trivial things and continue explaining briefly about this coastal fishing village that I found in Mui Ne. The main reason most tourists visit Mui Ne is the beach. Yes, Mui Ne has two main beaches that stretch along the coast – Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc Beach (frankly speaking, I don’t even know to which beach I went. I just looked the names up on Wikipedia). But, there is a BUT! I never thought that the beaches in Mui Ne are comfortable to swim in or to play in the waves. Again and again, I felt an incredible feeling of amazement seeing how happy Russians are there. On the contrary, I was a bit heartbroken to see that my hotel was far enough inland that I had to pass through a hidden path that led me to the beach. And finding the path wasn’t always easy. Sometimes you need to ask and be creative in getting to the beach.
The main aspect of Mui Ne, which is also a big problem – they have bunch of resorts that jealously guard the beaches in front of them, which actually are open to the public, and the number of these resorts increases each year. That is why it’s so hard to find a place to sit and enjoy the amazing view of Mui Ne by the beach unless you stay in a resort or villa. That is the first thing. Second, the beach was not as clean as what I had imagined. Do you know why? Everybody needs to understand that Mui Ne is a coastal fishing village. So, your sunbathing will be interrupted by some uncommon but exotic and colorful fishing boats belonging to the fishermen. The boats look fantastic in the blue water. I thought that only Vietnamese people used this kind of boat, and I was quite right. The boats are designed specifically for one person – a fisherman that will not stray far from the shore. To get to deeper water further from shore, they use a normal big boat. To sample their catch, you just need to make your way to the beach in the early morning when they have just returned from the sea. This means the fish, scallops, prawns and so forth are still fresh! You can eat your fish right in the restaurants that are scattered along the beach. 


in a sunny day


in a rainy day
As I am a really simple person, I usually prefer to sit quietly and patiently in the restaurant near where I stay, choose my order and just wait for a while; no need to be picky when you’re on vacation. The price really won’t make you waste your savings and the taste – so far so good. But as I am an Indonesian (sorry again), I like having something more spicy. 

How can you get to this coastal fishing village? 

Easy. Rent a motorcycle. If you can’t drive, rent a jeep with a driver (normally this tour includes dunes, the fairy stream and this coastal fishing village) in the early morning. Or if you are really a couch potato like me that doesn’t want to walk far during your precious vacation time – go to the restaurant beside your hotel and eat there!
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