Da Lat and Nha Trang in a Jiffy (Part One)

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Short explanation about da lat

Da Lat is the capital of Lam Dong province in Vietnam. I know it sounds strange , especially if you don’t even have any idea where the Lam Dong province is located, like me. Briefly speaking, a city that is well-known as the city of a thousand pine trees is situated in southern part of the Central Highland region of Vietnam. Still don’t understand what I am talking about?
Okay, so, Da Lat is really accessible, either from Ho Chi Minh City or Mui Ne. It takes only 3-4 hours by bus or minivan from Mui Ne to Da Lat, and 6-9 hours by overnight bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat. Da Lat has its own charm to be explored. Different from the other two cities that I mentioned above, Da Lat enjoys cool temperatures all year round. So, you might need your hoodie, a small blanket and a pocket of instant hot chocolate (if you want). For that reason, Da Lat has pine trees like I indicated before, a number of villas and resorts and a cluster of tea and coffee plantations.



My visit to Da Lat was totally out of the program. I meant to stay in Mui Ne only, but my husband and his buddies decided briefly visit two other cities – Da Lat and Nha Trang. How ? By minivan with the help of our ‘marvelous’ travel agent. Travel agent?! I had never ever dreamt of going on a tour. There are many reasons why I refused to go with a bevy of tourists, and this experience in Da Lat + Nha Trang made me more and more skeptical. 
So, my good-hearted husband who had only known me for 3 days made a decision to include me on the tour, and paid 100 USD for me for 3 days and 2 nights to tour both cities. I won’t say that it was bad, but I could say that it was not a particularly fun trip for me . Here are the reasons why a tour is never to my liking:
  • Chop-chop darling, everybody is waiting for you! I never like to wait or to be waited on by someone I didn’t know. I always need to be in a rush, and can’t enjoy what I’m seeing or doing . Frankly speaking: the essential part of travel itself disappears, and this is not in line with my principles. But, if you are really in a hurry, and don’t have much time to spend, it’s your choice.
  • Expensive. Of course, they need to pay the tour guide as well, don’t they? Most of the tours will guide you to shopping areas, and as I am not a person of means, I just watch people shop, wait for them and listen to their conversations about how great the items were, how cheap the product is and all that jazz!
  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: the tour guide won’t let you sleep in peace; they will keep explaining, narrating and sometimes rambling on about everything along the way. I have had two different experiences related to tour guides: In Ho Chi Minh City I chose a tour from the hotel, and that time luck was on our side. I had really great tour guides that explained everything thoroughly without making you die of boredom. He knew how to joke and how to treat people, no matter what nationality they were . I can’t say that it was racism that I experienced with the tour agent in Mui Ne. I think racism might be a bit too serious of an accusation (maybe). Yet, I realized that it was also my fault, or nobody’s fault, that we chose a special tour that was dedicated for Russians. They spoke Russian to each other, the tour was conducted in Russian as well (surely). I think my tour guide knew how to speak English as well, but her behavior towards me when she found out that I was not Russian made my journey the worst journey ever. She acted like I was an illegal member of her ‘amazing’ group. I paid, ma’am ! And the behavior of some stupid people in the group also didn’t help me feel any better. My husband surely didn’t believe my story…but hey he was a ‘local’ for her and he needed to be in my shoes somehow.

So, guys, make sure that the tour is for everybody and not designed specifically for a certain nationality. Or, find a good tour guide . Believe me, two days with a tour guide and group like that wasn’t a pleasant experience. Let’s go back to the journey!
We spent one day in Nha Thrang then we continued our journey to Da Lat and went back to Mui Ne. This was the schedule of the tour:

Day 1

Arrive in Nha Trang and participate in any kinds of watersport: snorkeling, swimming and so forth.

Play till you die in Vinpearl

Day 2

Visit XQ Embroidery Village
Crazy House
Visit unknown but beautiful park
Visit Buddha Golden Statue
Tiger Cave?
Finally go back to Mui Ne
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