Etcetera Before Bratislava: Sim Card and Transportation Inside-Outside The City

This post will be the most condensed post ever. That’s not because I have been bumming around recently like my acquaintances always say about me. Even though they may be right… I am struggling hard to find some minutes to make a post as I am busy enriching myself with the new experience of being a slacker, yay!

Sim Card in Bratislava

You need to feel what I felt when I tried to buy a sim card in a supermarket in Bratislava and they said ‘No, sorry. You need an ID card to buy one. We don’t accept any foreign passports’. I was really in a panic!!! Say that I am an exaggerating girl who has become one of the internet’s victims. That’s almost true. But it happened due to the fact that my job requires me to be online at least 6 hours per day (I guess that they are so surprised to hear that I am not unemployed). Without the internet, I am totally paralysed, while my agents are furious to learn that I just disappeared without any prior notice. Hence, I always try to get more information regarding sim card before going on holiday somewhere. Unfortunately, this time I failed to find any information about how to buy a sim card in Bratislava. Again, I will blame that group – they didn’t even help me to answer this question, as all they do is brag about their travel and their opinions, which I am not interested in.

In most countries, tourists are allowed to buy a sim card even from a kiosk, supermarket, or minimarket. All you need is a passport and money. Then, you need to activate it. In Bratislava you can’t buy a sim card unless you are a citizen with an identity card. So, be prepared to find wifi in a cafe if you need to work during your holiday.

Transportation inside Bratislava

Bratislava is a perfect country for pedestrians. To be honest, we only used public transportation once, which was when we needed to reach Devin Castle. But, if you need to travel around and are too lazy to use your own feet, Bratislava has a great public transportation system. They have trams, buses, and taxis. To use the bus, you need to know the route and buy a ticket from a machine, which are at every bus stop. The system doesn’t charge by distance, but by the duration of travel (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.), which is very new for me.

Transportation outside Bratislava

Thanks to its strategic location, Bratislava can be an ideal place if you want to meander around the four countries: Austria (Vienna), Slovakia (Bratislava), Czech Republic (Brno or even Prague), Hungary (Budapest). That was very exciting for me as that wouldn’t ever happen in Indonesia. If you want to cross the border and visit your neighboring countries, you need to catch a plane or a ship, unless you live in Borneo Island, which shares the border with Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. 

There are plenty of bus choices to travel to those countries. One of them is RegioJet. This company offers the best timetables for scheduling your bus and they depart every hour. The price is also perfect for a cheapskate like me — it costs around 10 euros until Vienna.

train to Brno

If you plan to go to the closest city from the border of the Czech Republic and one that is famous for its MotoGP circuit, Brno, a medium speed train is available everyday. You can obtain the ticket on the same site, even though the place of departing is different: trains normally depart from Bratislava from the Staré Mesto. Again, the price is too modest to be complained of.

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