Fairy Stream

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The first time I heard this name, I needed to look it up in the dictionary. Was I insane or not? Does » fairy» mean something else? No. Fairy is fairy; they are one class of supernatural beings, friends of the Ogre, the Dragon, the Leprechaun, all that jazz. So, why do Vietnamese people give a name like that to one of their most popular tourist destinations ? The answer is unknown. And till now , I didn’t understand and didn’t try to look for the meaning of it.
Fairy stream is a small canyon, located in the Mui Ne ward. The entrance is hidden, so you might pass through it, skip it, or you might have trouble finding it without excellent vision. For selfie lovers, fairy stream has become a must-see place to take a dramatic picture, with its enticing soft red creek as a background. Of course, if you have good lenses or a cool camera with more than one feature (touch the screen to take a picture like mine), the pictures will be artistic. But if not, don’t be upset . A vacation is a time to enjoy nature, not only to take a beautiful picture to later upload to Instagram. Right?


One of the corner in Fairy Stream


I also want to take a photo…
Be careful when climbing and descending the hill. The soft red dirt is undoubtedly pleasant to walk through, but it is quite slippery and unstable. You might suddenly fall into the hole or just fall down like an infant learning to walk. That’s why you should make sure that you don’t wear expensive trendy clothes, boots or high heels. Moreover, as the stream is about ankle-deep (no more than knee-deep even at its deepest), visitors are encouraged to take off their shoes. If you want to show off your boots by bringing them, then no problem, but don’t use them ever again!
Do we need a guide to walk along the stream? I don’t think you do. You might find a group of local kids or teenagers at the entrance who offer to guide you with a ‘special’ price for tourists . They speak both English and Russian well thanks to the number of tourists that stop by in their city. They are as kind as any other Vietnamese, but sometimes they will overcharge you. So you just need to be careful and know how to bargain well, or just forget the guide and hit the road by yourself.
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