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Ojek, or taxibike, is considered one of the most important modes of public transportation in Indonesia, compared to others like buses, trains, or bicycles. They are quite famous. In the middle of a terrible traffic jam, ojek, or taxibike, is the perfect choice not just because of their cheapness but also because the amount of time we spend in an ojek is shorter than what we would spend on the bus.
Departing from this typical practice, some creative entrepreneurs decided to establish a very interesting business that later become a new trend. It sounds like a lot, but believe it or not this company offers not only ojeks but also a dozen other services. So I gladly present, Go-Jek (I am not being paid and this is not an advertisement).

Online taxibike, also known as Ojek Daring in Bahasa, Indonesia, has mushroomed in recent years. Wherever I look, I see the ojek drivers wearing their own company’s jacket, whether it’s green, orange, or even pink, as if they are part of a flash mob carnival. However, to be honest I just tried Ojek for the first time last year. What a shame. Yes, this was mostly because I felt sympathy for the Ojek in Pangkalans (a base for ojek, which normally can be found on every street corner, depending on the agreements between Ojekers). I thought, «who would use them if everybody prefers to get an Ojek Online?»
Then, my mind changed. According to my simple research, Ojek Online is:

  1. Cheaper than Ojek from Pangkalans.
  2. Safer than Ojek from Pangkalans because you can report them directly to the company if they do something bad or simply give them a really bad rating that will affect their status in the company.
  3. Simpler than Ojek from Pangkalan. With application on hand, you can order an Ojek whenever or wherever you want. They will come to you as fast as a lightning.
Go-Jek itself was established in 2010 as a two-wheel public mode of transportation that could be ordered through a mobile application. As time went by, the owner decided to add some more facilities and services to expand his customer base.
Read more about Go-Jek at this link:​
The additional services, besides Go-Jek itself, are Go-Glam (so you can order a hairdresser to your home), Go-Clean (for ordering cleaning services), Go-Massage (just guess what this is), Go-Blue Bird (the most famous Taxi in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta), and Go-Food.
My favorite is Go-Food. Like two sides of same coin, Go-Food brings a great benefit to Indonesians, but at the same time enhances our laziness. You can order whatever food you want restaurants nearby, or even more than 13 kilometers away, without moving from your sofa, except if you don’t have money and need to get it from the ATM.

How do you use it?

The food is divided into several categories, starting from sweets and going through Korean food. So you need to decide which one you want and open the relevant page. Once it is open, you will see a generous list of restaurants available nearby. Open the one you want and check out their menu.
Step 1:


Open the application and choose Go-Food


You will see some recommendation and voucher (if you have)
Step 2: On the same page, you will see these categories


Choose one of the categories available


For example: Pizza. Click «Tambah (add)» if you want to put it on your basket
After greedily ordering everything you need, you need to make sure that your address is correct. Then you will see the delivery fee, which depends on the distance (normally 9.000 IDR, but during rush hour or on a busy day it could be more). Then, click ‘order’. The system automatically finds you a driver who will contact you and re-confirm your order.
Just wait for about 30 minutes and the food is there. If you like the service, give your driver 5 stars! Or even a tip!
Your ‘stars’ will greatly affect their rating, so please be smart when you’re inputting the rating. A minor mistake shouldn’t be punished with 4 or even fewer stars, because if the drivers get low ratings they could be punished by the company or even be fired!
Application can be download in Appstore both for Android or iOS.
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