Komodo Island (Part 1)



Everytime I take a look at the pictures I took on Komodo Island, my brain starts playing the Jurassic Park’s theme song. Maybe that’s because Komodo itself is an ancient creature that still survives today and lives happily on their own private island. Or maybe the group of islands that I passed on the boat made me feel that I was in a real Jurassic Park movie. 
Some of you, I guess, don’t have any idea what Komodo is. So, before I continue rambling on about this dragon, I will give you a short lecture regarding the what, when, how, etc. of Komodo dragons. Komodo, or Varanus Komodoensis (it’s too long for Indonesians, so we shorten it to “Komodo”), is a large species of lizard. A lizard that looks like dragon. Its lengths are 3 metres for males, and 2 metres for females. But please, don’t ever imagine that these dragons are the one that you’ve seen in The Hobbit, Eragon or Harry Potter. Komodo dragons can’t fly or spit fire. Also, they don’t have wings. BUT, they can swim and its saliva is deathly venomous. They usually take a bite of their food and leave it for some days until it dies and is ready to be eaten. So, once you get bitten, you will be paralysed and die if nobody helps you. I don’t know which one is more frightful, the dragon that can fly or the dragon that can swim.
You can find them only in Indonesia. So, if someday Newt Scamander is interested to take some Komodo from a zoopark and wants to put them back in their habitat, he will go to Indonesia, to the island of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang or Padar. He can choose of course, but only from those islands. Komodo dragons never live on other Indonesian islands. However, as I mentioned before, they do swim from one island to other close or neighboring islands. From Komodo to Rinca, from Rinca to Komodo and so forth.
As they are good swimmers, please be careful and follow your guide’s instructions. If they warn you not to swim there, please don’t jump from your boat! They forbid you, not because they don’t want you enjoy your beautiful visit to Indonesia, but they just don’t want you die or end up as a tea time snack for Komodo. They won’t warn only you, but also Michael Phelps, even though he always wins in Olympic Games. 
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