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Krabi is located in the south of Thailand. It is almost close to the border with Malaysia. This makes your journey easier especially if you go from Malaysia and across the border directly to Thailand. I did cross the border not long ago, when I was still single and had the thirst of adventure. Going from Singapore, I went through Malaysia, made a stop in Kuala Lumpur then decided to visit Thailand after. Fortunately, from Malaysia, you can easily buy a ticket from a place, which is known as Pudu Raya bus station. There you can choose whichever companies will bring you to Thailand with a really affordable price for my pocket at that time.
It took about 8 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai. But, with such a comfortable bus, the trip went so fast even though my buttocks shouted and asked me to stop torturing them by sitting for such a long distance. Passing the border from Malaysia to Thailand was not so easy. Rows of queues, hundreds of people (foreigners) of course, standing by the booth, waiting to be checked and given a stamp by the authority. It is funny to know that actually, going to Thailand is free, but you need to put inside your passport 1 dollar or 10 Baths for the officer. I don’t know whether it is still like that or not, but at that time I was panicking looking for my money in my pocket while the officer was protesting that he didn’t find what should be there (it was in 2010).
But since, I have come back to Krabi with my husband, going through Singapore by plane, as he refused having that kind of strange adventure with me. So, from Singapore there are many available flights, one of them is Tiger Airways, which I used because they offered a cheap price to go there even though I needed to transit in Singapore for about 1 day (which is good as I could visit my friend there). The journey usually takes 1 hour and when the weather is good, you can see little islands from above as you reach Krabi.
Krabi in my mind was a serene place, with interesting beaches and amazing people, also cheap prices.
​But, my God, the impression has changed fast!
There are many reasons, which explain why my entire impression about Thailand has changed recently. First, it was my fault that we came in rainy season! How stupid. Based on my assumption, all parts of Southeast Asia would be in the dry season in July and in August and of course it isn’t! Only in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, which have the dry season in the mentioned months. So, I came when it was the rainy season, with light to heavy rain pouring almost all the time.  And last but not least, a big wave that always haunted me with nightmares anytime I need to cross the sea to reach another island. Yeah, the thing that I mentioned before has become a disadvantage for me visiting Thailand (Krabi at this point). I won’t say that the beaches in the mainland are bad. No! I always love beaches, regardless of how they look (except if the beaches have a lot of rubbish like in Kuta, Bali), but to have white crystal sand and blue clear water, you need to go a bit. The distance varies depending on the island itself, normally 10 minutes – 1 hour, and also depending on the weather and which boat you use: a fast boat or a fisherman boat. It would be great, if only the weather was nice, but as the weather was terrible, I needed to sacrifice myself on a rough ride on a boat, which I always thought would sink and make me imagine the worst thing: I don’t know how to swim and would have to rely on the life jacket. 
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