Meet the dolphins — Lovina Beach

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Bali seems as though it is the perfect destination for people to get married, go on a honeymoon, get over a broken heart, or be a single person who wants to watch couples have romantic dates while watching the sunset.
However, I do not see Bali in the stereotypical way. Visiting Bali with your partner, with your family, or by yourself are all equally fun. You just need to do a little research about the kinds of activities that you and any people you bring along would like to do.

Nature Activities

For the nature lover, there are many activities in Bali. You can cycle around the paddy terrace, hike Mount Agung, or meet dolphins in their natural habitat. I would definitely choose dolphins over hiking. Not that I do not like hiking. I have weak feet that are only suitable for walking distances of 3 km or less. However, after living in Russia, I have been exercising more and embracing a new lifestyle. Now, I am able to walk much farther than 3 km. And, next time I visit Bali, err… I would prefer cycling. The mountains are just not my friends.
Watching dolphins is an easy mission to accomplish. You do not have to swim out to the middle of the ocean to find them. You do not have to rent a cruise or go scuba diving either. All you have to do is visit Lovina Beach and ask if any fishermen will take you out into the ocean. There is a lot of information that can be obtained from the hotel. Don’t be shy to ask for information from the receptionist at the front desk in your hotel. For example, I asked my driver, Pat Ketut, about activities I should on the beach. Our quiet, but friendly, driver suggested that his friend could offer us a lower rate on a rental boat. Six years ago, when I went to Bali, the average price for renting a boat was 8 dollars per person. For us, however, they gave a discount, and it was only 10 dollars for two people. We accepted the offer without hesitation and directly made an appointment to meet at the beach at 5 o’clock A.M. the following morning.


The boat that we will use


When we got to the boat the next day, we were pleased to find that we were alone. Nobody else was there, and it meant that we would be the first people to witness the group of dolphins jumping out of the water as they looked for their breakfast. I could not wait to grab this opportunity. I was excited from the moment I put on my life jacket.
Our boat slowly went out into the middle of the sea. We were accompanied only by the dim light of the sun as it reluctantly appeared from behind the clouds. This was a much better way to watch the sunrise than from the beach. The color gradient from dark blue to purple, purple to pink, and pink to orange, was somehow so serene, and at the same time, it was so alluring. I couldn’t stop pointing my camera’s lense at this landscape to capture the best photo for my blog. Of course, I failed to capture how beautiful it actually was. This moment was better captured by my eyes than the camera.


Now, let’s not forget about the sunrise. Our boat, which moved at a snail’s pace, eventually came to a complete stop. The motor was broken down, and no matter how hard our fisherman tried to repair it, it would not restart. For the first fifteen minutes, my husband and I were still optimistic, imagining that it would last for only another ten minutes. Then, we would able to rush to our next location. After another fifteen minutes, we started to lose hope as we watched the large number of boats with tourists inside pass by us. After a total of forty-five minutes on our boat, we began to panic because we were trapped in the middle of the water. I almost screamed like a banshee for help.


We used this moment to take a really ordinary picture from our broken boat


Eventually, our tour guide and driver made a great decision. He called his friend to come pick us up and bring us to where the tourists watch the dolphins. Oh my gosh! Why on earth didn’t he do this before? Why did we have to wait so long and lose our perfect moment?


Before we said goodbye, I asked him to pose
Without feeling guilty, he said goodbye as we moved into our new boat. We rushed out to the tourist location so we could finally see the dolphins — who jumped enthusiastically around the boat, chasing their breakfast.

What to do before going to watch dolphins:  

  • Renting the boat (of course).
  • Use normal clothes (not bikinis or something too short as Bali in the morning sometimes is quite chilly).
  • Bring your camera or your video camera.
  • Use your life vest.
  • Don’t bring food or throw rubbish into the sea! That’s a big no no!
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