Mui Ne, A Coastal Fishing Village



Mui Ne is a coastal fishing village with a long shoreline that has turned into one of the most visited destinations in southern Vietnam. Due to its location and unique landscape, Mui Ne has become an excellent choice for tourists wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City for a while. It only takes about 5 hours by bus to get there. You can only take the sleeper bus as that is the rule in Vietnam – if your journey lasts more than 4-5 hours then they will recommend that you take the sleeper bus. It wasn’t like this 5 years ago, but recently when I booked a bus to Mui Ne, they selected a sleeper bus for me and I have not found any normal busses since then.
Many people, including one of my friends say that being in Mui Ne for more than 2 days is extremely boring. But, I found differently. If you are eager to spend your holiday laying around and sunbathing, then it won’t be a big deal for you to lengthen your stay in Mui Ne. But if you have itchy feet, and enjoy always moving from one place to another, then, Mui Ne is not a good place for you. So, it depends on the person themself.
The first time I went to Mui Ne, I was shocked by the banners and menus that were written in Russian. You could easily find anything in two languages – Vietnamese and Russian or English and Russian. I shouldn’t have been surprised because Russian tourists actually outnumber tourists from other countries. Therefore Russians bring more money to this area compared to other tourists (or at least it seems so). Of course, I didn’t meet any Indonesians there…
Don’t make a mistake when choosing a place to stay. What you need to know despite the fact that the Vietnamese always say Phan Thieth instead of Mui Ne is that Mui Ne – is a different area to Phan Thieth. It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach Phan Tieth by motorcycle. Phan Thieth has lots of restaurants, but as it is not as touristic as Mui Ne, finding a person who speaks English well will be a problem for you. I have tried both towns, I stayed in Mui Ne, and went by bike to Phan Thieth. I don’t think you need to visit Phan Thieth as you can find a handful of great restaurants with affordable prices in Mui Ne itself. At the time, I stopped by in Phan Thieth because friends of my husband wanted to buy something in a big supermarket. Also, the busses that go to Mui Ne will normally stop for a while in Phan Thieth, that’s why you shouldn’t get off the bus until you arrive in Mui Ne. But, don’t worry, the bus driver will tell where you need to get off as long as you bring your hotel’s address. One thing that I like about busses in Vietnam is that they always pick you up and drop you off in the right place as long as you give them the correct address.
Finding a hotel in Mui Ne is not a big deal. Mui Ne has a handful of luxury hotels or resorts that are located right by the beach and also has a smattering of cheap hotels for backpackers.

What to see in Mui Ne?

There are many things that you can see in this coastal village. Start from the dunes (red or white), then visit the fairy stream, the fishing village and the beaches. If you are bored just going around this small city, you can join some courses of kite surfing, surfing and even golf. The price will vary, depending on the package and the guide that you choose.

To be continued…

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