Nha Trang in a Day

Ice Sculptures (2)
After being awakened by the deafening sound of my alarm, I packed my bag by randomly putting all the things I found on the floor or around my bedside table into it. It was a very rushed tour, I didn’t even know what time we needed to depart and never imagined that I would be obliged to wake up that early. Half past four a.m. was a bit unforgiving for a vacation, especially if you didn’t mean to take that vacation or if you had already known that you wouldn’t enjoy it. So, I ran to the minivan that was waiting impatiently in front of my hotel. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was totally dumbfounded from the first look . My minivan was full of Russians and I was the one and only Asian (except the tour guide and the driver who were “Russificated”). I usually enjoy having some new people around, for example when I was in a dormitory-style hostel, I made acquaintances and even some new friends. But here I learned that sometimes reality might not meet your expectations. Not everyone is ready to be your new acquaintance or friend.
The journey was quite short. It took 2 hours before we finally stopped in a restaurant to have breakfast or use the bathroom. Here, the unpleasant experience had just begun. As I didn’t speak Russian at that time, and everybody spoke only Russian or Vietnamese, I failed to get information about breakfast; I didn’t know whether the breakfast was free or not. That morning, I had to skip my precious breakfast and had to survive while practically starving. Finishing breakfast, we continued the journey for another 2 hours, until the driver stopped his car on the something like a dock for us to take a boat – a speed boat to the middle of the sea, where we would take part in some water sport activities, such as snorkeling, sailing, and watching underwater life through the glass bottom boat and swimming.

I didn’t do any of this because at the time I felt a bit under the weather. So, I would have preferred to stay on land doing something useful, like looking after the luggage for example. Thanks to its beaches with fine and clean sand, turquoise water and enchanting offshore islands, Nha Trang is on the map as one of the important tourist hubs in the country. Most of the tourists come from Russia and Asia. But, trust me; I didn’t see any travelers from Indonesia there. I assume that it is because the location itself is quite far from our country, and also there is not so much information available about this place in Bahasa Indonesia. So, wherever you stay in Nha Trang, whichever bar you visit, the probability of meeting Russians is definitely high.

Vin Pearl

After 1 hour of being roasted by the sun, the tour guide guided us to the boat. I followed her like a kindergarten student follows their teacher. I really didn’t have any idea about our next destination. I could call this journey a ‘ blind’ trip, as I knew nothing of what to do, where to go and so forth. The good news is that the tour guide finally left us in peace at a place named Vin Pearl. Vin Pearl, whose sign on the side of a hill was designed specifically to imitate the Hollywood sign, offers not just a handful of luxury resorts, but also an amusement park and a water park.
P.S: There 4 pictures are courtesy of Google and Vinpearl Amusement Park. I didn’t have picture as I dropped my camera on the water. Congratulations!
So, we were able to spend the rest of the day there, and had to return at 7 pm. It was a really long exploration as Vin Pearl was huge, entertaining and fun. I could ride all the rides, as many as I wanted, without needing to wait in line . They have a roller coaster, bumper cars, carousels, a twister, Ferris wheel, water slides and more . If you don’t like the rides, you can try the water park, which has bunch of slides that you can ride until you get bored.


They combined 3 elements for the show: water, light, sound
And at 8 pm, as I previously mentioned , we had to go back to the mainland by cable car.


sorry for the quality
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