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My husband and I really love watching movies, especially if the movies are about space or something like that. When I lived in Indonesia, I didn’t watch movies very often. It was because, at that time, I didn’t have enough time for watching. And, also my internet connection wasn’t so stable. Moreover, we didn’t have access for downloading movies. I know that this is forbidden in many countries. But, sometimes the rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? 
I started ‘my journey’ in ‘space by watching Interstellar. It was a really good movie. I could raise even my 4 thumbs up (2 of them are big toes). Gaining confidence watching movies about space, we looked for more and more like an addicted junky. So, when last month we saw a short trailer about a launching of a new movie named “Passengers”, we both were very enthusiastic.
So, last week we watched that movie, with homemade popcorn in our hands. The story actually was so classic, a mixture between a love story and problem in space. The story began with a spaceship named ‘Starship Avalon’ facing a group of meteorites in space. The spaceship which carried about 5.000 sleeping passengers, finally could deal with the meteorite. Note: As I have told you before, the passengers who were in this spaceship were totally sleeping. So, all the systems were automatic, done by a machine. Because of using and focusing a huge amount of energy on the shield to destroy the meteorite, the machine got a malfunction. As it was detected on the screen, one capsule from 5.000 available capsules was broken.
So what was it? The capsule was designed by I-don’t-know-who as a bed for sleeping passengers. The passengers must sleep for about 120 years, or until they reach their destined new planet. It was only in the first 30 years when it happened (I mean, the clash with meteorites). I bet, whoever who likes to sleep, would like to join this spaceship. Imagine, 120 years of full sleeping; a sleepaholic’s dream.
Back to the story, the broken capsule belonged to one, low class, engineer. He wasn’t so lucky. I am sorry, but low class in that spaceship is the same as low class in our society. It is interesting, though, they have such a social range even in the spaceship. Those who are in upper class get more privilege, facility and so forth. Contrarily, the ones in lower class get less privilege, without any doubt.
This guy is Jim Preston, played by Chris Pratt. Because he woke up alone, he thought that he was lucky. But time after time, he realized that it was only him on the spaceship! Nobody has woken up. He tried to wake the captain up. 
Nah, this is the weakness of this movie. Imagine, he is an engineer; he often uses his logic in doing something. Why didn’t he wake the doctor up? Or maybe another engineer who knows how to repair the capsule? Where is your logic, guy? Instead of waking up the doctor or another engineer (he tried to wake the captain up also, but it was to no avail) he woke a beautiful girl up. So, he experienced some kind of love at first sight the time he glanced at a capsule with Jennifer Lawrence inside. He started to watch her interview, talking to her image in video and at the end, he made a wrong decision. He cut the cable, made her open her eyes and accompany him. Is that an egoistic behavior? Indeed. If you love somebody, you shouldn’t ‘kill’ them for your own sake. I said so but sometimes talk is cheap, as usual. I might do the same if I were on his shoes.
After he woke her up, they both fell in love. Who wouldn’t fall in love if you were in a spaceship, only you and that guy, a guy who was quite charming (sorry Chris Pratt, you are not my type). Then, the love scenes began here. For about thirty minutes or so, they loved each other. Until the bartender (shame on him) told the girl that actually he woke her up. Poor Jim, all these bad things happened at the time he was ready to propose to the girl. That’s the main story of this movie. 
So, what else didn’t I like in this movie? 
The second thing I didn’t like about this movie was the focus. Somehow, this movie looks like me, lost its own focus in the middle of the story. I am not sure whether the director wanted to emphasize the love story scenes which happened on this spaceship or he wanted to focus on the journey into space, an effort to find new life, a new place and new hope for humanity. 
Overall, I liked the graphics, and also the actors who played in this movie. But as a spoiled person, I expect more. Or maybe it is just because I don’t like a love story?
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