Penang Hop-on Hop-off Green Line

Tropical Spice Garden (PENANG)
With hop-on hop-off (19 – Green line)
This garden is not so special if you are not a plant lover. I am not, but it’s worth it to visit this place. Here, if you have never seen galangal, banana trees and any other fancy spice, you will be able to see and know where they are from, where they grow and how to mix them as your condiments. I am Asian, so it felt like if I made a tour of my mom’s kitchen. There are not only boards with descriptions, but also you can get free cool audio that can guide you to every plant you meet. They are available in some languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Malay (for sure), German, French and If I am not wrong, Russian.
The garden was designed creatively. With a big lake and greens after the entrance, plus a pathway made from stone, it makes you feel like you are in the real garden or jungle. That’s why you need to bring mosquito repellent as well.Admission Fee
Adult — 29 RM
Child — 17 RM
Official website:

What do I like the most here?
Sorry it sounds so shallow, but I like the giant swing and the view from there.
It’s interesting to know that almost nobody knows where that was. Fortunately, I have a husband with a really good sight like an eagle. First thing he noticed when we looked at the board that contained the map was GIANT SWING! So after going around, enjoying some collections, we found it.
It was really big, made of wood and it just hangs between two really huge trees. We were there for some 30 minutes and took many pictures with any kind of pose that crossed our minds. And from afar, we saw two couples…were watching us, hoping that we went away! And yeah, when we decided to go, the girl ran, ran to giant swing until she fell down on the stairs, afraid that we would come back! 

Batu Ferringhi (PENANG)
With hop-on hop-off (17 – Green Line)

Batu Ferringhi is not a cave, nor a group of rock. I said that because ‘Batu’ in Malay or in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘Stone’. It might be reasonable to name this beach like this as they have many stones and you can’t swim here. A big no no! So what you can do is just take off your shoes, strike a pose on the stone and go around from corner to corner of the beach. The sand is white and clean, the water is cool and clean, but unfortunately you can’t swim!
There are some other beaches close to this beach, but again – I am sorry to say that these beaches are something like a private beach. So you can’t see it as they hide behind the hotels such as Holiday Inn, Hard Rock and etc. If you are not a guest, you can’t enter! Poor me!
PS: They even have special bus station for this (number 17 – Holiday Inn), (number 18 – Hard Rock)
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