Penang Hop-on Hop-off Red Line

Botanical Garden 
With hop-on hop-off (2 – Red Line)

Garden! I can promise you that I am not a gardenaholic, but in Penang I felt that I was having a bit of garden sickness. It wasn’t bad at all; I could even say that it was cool. I’ve never found so many gardens in Indonesia. So when I saw on a map that there was a cool, big and free garden, without any doubt, I jumped on to the bus and stopped after a few stations in a roundabout close to the entrance of the garden. Nobody! There was nobody there, only me and my husband. It made me feel as though it was my own property, my own private garden. And it was huge! No need to pay!
Inside the garden you will find many types of plants — from bamboo to cactus. Also you can visit the glass house full of plants. This place is really great for mingling, resting and escaping the heat of the busy city. But, be careful as the visitors sometimes are not only human but also monkeys! I didn’t know where they came from and I wasn’t so interested to ask, but as a person whose country is full of monkeys, I suggest you not stroke them or pet them, or even get closer with tasty edible snacks in your hand. I only spent about one hour going around this place, sitting, taking a sip of soda and striking a pose for a photo session.

Penang Hill – Bukit Bendera 
With hop-on hop-off (3 – Red Line)

Penang Hill is my favorite place! I am sorry that I am so silly but where’s more I can go to the top of hill by a tram! I was so excited to know that we needed to use a tram. Even though the queue wasn’t any faster or shorter than a snake, I didn’t care. The tram was cool. With transparent windows, you can take an amazing picture. But when it almost reached the top, my knee was trembling a bit, because it wasn’t so nice looking at the back of the tram and finding out that you were so high on the hill.
As you arrive, you will find many interesting things there, such as museums, restaurants, shops and some benches for sitting. Yeah, the most interesting thing for me was the bench; I could see the view of Penang from the altitude. It was tremendous! 
Chowrasta Market
With hop-on hop-off (7 – Red Line)

As you read, it is just a marketplace for trading many kinds of things. But in this case, what I mean by “many kinds of things” is normal things such as vegetables, daily     products, souvenirs and food. This market was not so far from my hotel, 15 minutes by foot. It was quite smelly like any other market in Asia, it reminded me of my hometown though. I didn’t go inside but based on what I heard from other travelers, you can find traditional food here with good prices.


source: penang wikia. Front part of Chowrasta Market
UNESCO Heritage 
With hop-on hop-off (8 – Red Line)

This is interesting. Many tourists visit this place just for taking pictures with some kind of     unique street art. I couldn’t go there at that time as it was raining heavily, but I had a glance at how beautiful the old town was. With Peranakan style, the buildings look authentic. No wonder it becomes one of the places which belong to UNESCO Heritage.
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