I know Singapore very well, especially about how expensive things are there.
No wonder.
I have been in Singapore about a million times, not only because I like being in such a futuristic and clean place, but also Singapore is  the closest country which I can reach easily from Indonesia. In only about one and half hours I can be overseas, a luxury for people who live in an archipelago which is surrounded by the sea. Really, I have always dreamt about what if Indonesia were surrounded not by water, but by land, like Thailand in Southeast Asia, or like Spain in Europe. It would be easier for me to go around only with a wallet, a passport and the clothes on my back. Actually, yes, we share land borders with Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, but, unfortunately, if I want to visit both countries, I must again go by plane to Borneo. The time to reach Borneo is longer than to Singapore, by the way. 


Little India is an ethnic district located in Singapore, not far from Kampong Glam. Most of backpackers focus on this area or Bugis Street to find a comfortable and affordable hostel to stay for a while, as we already know that the price of everything in this country is insane for everyone. The last time I visited and stayed for two nights in Little India, I spent about 120 Singaporean Dollar, which was not cheap, but it was quite okay as I shared the cost with my husband. Beside the inns, hostels and so forth, here you can also find a bunch of restaurants that offer you not only a cheap price but also tasty traditional food such as Biryani, Roti Prata, and Mango Lassy and so on. 


one of traditional markets in Little India
Sometimes they even gave me a too-big portion, that’s why I and my husband never pay for two dishes. One is always enough. In case we are full, we won’t waste our limited money. So, this area is really affordable, close to the metro, which is located on the purple line. There are many choices of restaurants, shopping centers, and it’s not so bad for walking around and mingling.


Chinatown is a subzone (sub-area) and another ethnic district located in the Central Area of Singapore. Actually, it’s only two metro stations away from Little India. No need to do any transfer, just stay inside until the metro reaches a station named ‘China Town’. Besides Little India, China Town is known for its Peranakan architecture and also offers backpackers some affordable hostels and restaurants. In some certain days of the year, China Town holds a street food festival (last time I came in July and they were holding a food festival which opened until midnight. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as my hotel was located close to Johor and the day after I needed to catch my flight in the very early morning).
Strolling along the street full of souvenir sellers in their small kiosks was one of my activities that time. The souvenirs were quite expensive even though I found them sometimes interesting. Not only a magnet for refrigerators with a Lion painted on it or a bag and a t-shirt with ‘I Love SG’, but also names which are written in Chinese Kanji. You can choose your own name (If your name is not strange,  not so hard to spell and it’s common among tourists.) and know what your name means based on Chinese characters. I bought one for my pen pal on my last visit to Singapore; I meant to buy it for myself, unfortunately the price has risen somehow.
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