Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore is known for its level of sophistication in almost all aspects of life. Even though they don’t use many robots to replace human workers, and they don’t have cars that fly around the cities, Singapore doesn’t fail to wow me every time I discover something new there. Some of you might not agree with what I’ve just said - I fully understand that, and I won’t blame you for accusing me of exaggerating. But, as a person who has been living in two moderately developing countries, whose technology is far from what Singapore has, I can say that Singapore is a sophisticated country. One of the…

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Universal Studio Singapore

Frankly speaking, I have been here twice, one of my visits was something triggered by curiosity and a high level of stupidity. I dare to say so just because that time I just bought a ticket, I will repeat: just bought and spent my precious 50$ SGD as if I was a visitor with a healthy bank account. As I arrived there, I strolled through the amusement park, took some pictures and tried some attractions which were specifically made for a person under 10 years old (FYI, at that time I was 22). So, I was standing in the middle of a long and endless queue full…

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I know Singapore very well, especially about how expensive things are there. No wonder. I have been in Singapore about a million times, not only because I like being in such a futuristic and clean place, but also Singapore is  the closest country which I can reach easily from Indonesia. In only about one and half hours I can be overseas, a luxury for people who live in an archipelago which is surrounded by the sea. Really, I have always dreamt about what if Indonesia were surrounded not by water, but by land, like Thailand in Southeast Asia, or like Spain in Europe. It would be easier…

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