The X-files

Mulder and Scully are coming back! But note that although I am a novice X-phile, I am not a total newbie!  In Indonesia, one of our TV channels would turn every Thursday night into an investigative nightmare by showing this epic series. It was eerie watching the episodes alone (even though my mom was sleeping beside me that time), but I was too curious not to look. So once I peeked from behind my blanket and suddenly the room got dark!
I suppose it was because I fell asleep. Unfortunately, when I had conquered any fears about watching the X-Files, that channel stopped showing the much-loved series. So there wasn’t any way to access the show. I finally watched it again when I lived in Russia. My cinephile husband persuaded me to watch all the old series, including X-Files. So, as a docile wife, I agreed. We watch the entire series in less than a month. We liked it so much that we were frustrated after because it was hard to find another series as phenomenal, remarkable, and entertaining as the X-Files (though we finally found a replacement).
​Here is my amateur point of view about the series.

The Chemistry


The chemistry between the skeptical Dana Scully and tenacious Mulder was really enjoyable. The impulsive, tenacious and ambitious Mulder was paired with the skeptical, science-buff Scully. And their powerful acting undoubtedly drew me in to the story. I couldn’t stop squawking when Mulder was kidnapped and his position was replaced by Agent John Doggett. Why? I like Mulder more! I want Mulder! How dare you replace him? I behaved like Dana Scully, who at the beginning didn’t accept the reality that she must work with the new agent. ​
But, then after a few episodes, Doggett had shown that he was capable of filling the void left by Mulder. Eventually, I changed my mind and became a fan of John Doggett. He played in only some seasons, but at least he didn’t drive me that crazy by behaving impulsively just to find his little sister somewhere.


Scully was my favorite character because she was independent, smart, and skeptical. But this character also annoyed me, especially when she tried to debunk all the irrational theories about some mysterious cases. She preferred to follow her own method related to scientific proof. It was only after she was kidnapped by aliens that she was apt to believe her partner more than before. How about the other characters? I like Walter Skinner, and I could say that he is my dream boss. The dullest character for me is the cigarette-smoking man. He’s the nemesis, the ultimate behind-the-scenes guy that seemed dramatic and overused. He is always thwarting the agents at every turn, and always involved in everything. Eventually we find out that he is Mulder’s father, then in the new season, he is also William’s father! What?!

Theme and Storyline

As you know, mythology is an important theme in the X-Files, ranging from vampires to liver eaters. They made all the stories based on myths, urban legends, and imaginings that I failed to comprehend fully. Every plot, every story was breathtaking and suspenseful. It’s hard for me to choose which was my favorite episode. But the story became boring when they talked about Alien, the government’s involvement in it, and the cigarette-smoking man. I was tempted to skip it, but of course, it would make me feel incomplete if I didn’t watch all of the series. 
New episode:
And finally, the two epic agents are coming back in 2018! Despite being a big fan, I felt such kind a disappointment. I don’t know why, but it seems this series has lost its brilliant idea. I know that it is not fair to judge by the first episode. Yet I couldn’t deny that the problem that the cycle around Scully, Mulder, William and cigarette-smoking man was becoming tedious. The long narration by each of them at the beginning of the scene made me feel like I was watching a Carson Clay movie in Mr. Bean Holiday.
I am really sorry to all X-Files fans to say this. But don’t worry, I will keep watching till the end!
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