Turku, In Winter Or In Summer?


I really love this city. If somebody were to ask me where I would like to live when I have millions of sacks full of gold to buy a house abroad besides my current home in Moscow, I would blatantly say ‘Turku’! 

Turku (in Suomi) a.k.a Åbo (in Swedish) is the oldest city in the country. Before retaining its own name ‘Turku’, it was originally called Suomi (Finland) which later became the name for the whole country itself. The name Åbo was given by the Swedish as this area was part of their kingdom.

What does Turku offer? As I mentioned before, Turku is the oldest town in the country. That means that for those who have a weakness for antiquity in all its forms, they will love Turku. But Turku is not only about antiquity. It represents more of a mix between modernism and tradition. On one hand, we will easily find hundreds of modern Scandinavian-style apartments with big windows overlooking the street. On the other hand, we will find a castle, a church, and other buildings that bring us back to the medieval era.

Don’t forget that Turku is one of the biggest ports in Finland. There are always lots of cruises and ferries anchoring in its port. Moreover, if you want to try sailing to Stockholm from Finland, Turku is the best choice. Although, you might also do it from Helsinki.

As one of my favorite cities, I have ever been in Turku for more than once — twice. Okay, that wasn’t enough to convert me becoming a big fans of Turku. But I have been in Turku in two different seasons: winter and summer. Which do I like the best? Let’s compare them.

winter in Turku
this photo was taken in the end of April
winter again
summer again

Strolling around the river bank is the best thing to do when you are in Turku. In winter, everything is covered in white, with the river full of ice. But it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun! During the weekend, I saw that some locals kept doing what they normally do the whole year; some were running, and others were jogging with their dogs.

How about in the summer?

Summer in Turku was funtastic. When all the ice melted down and not even a drop of snow was left, Turku transformed into a city that I hardly recognized. The impression it gave was very different but equally positive. In addition to sitting on the dock watching the hysterical seagulls flying around trying to catch prey, you must also enjoy a light picnic or eat ice cream.

And how about you, which one do you like best? Winter or summer? I like both! 🙂

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