Ubud Monkey Forest

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Do I like monkeys? Err…yes I do, but only in movies or in pictures. I am a big fan of a pretty well-known movie in Asia “The Monkey King: Journey to the west” and used to imagine that all monkeys in the world could behave like Sun Go Kong: funny, smart, friendly. But, that kind of imagination faded away as soon as I experienced my first encounter with what will be our main theme today, monkeys.
I met my first monkey in Bali, if I am not wrong, it was in Sangeh. The conclusion I drew from that meeting was ‘It was so frightening having them around me, chasing anyone who brought bananas or any other interesting food to their attention’.
After that occasion, I didn’t meet any monkeys during my stay in Indonesia, except perhaps one human who behaved like a monkey — greedy, inconsistent, and a lazy ass.
Some years ago, more than a couple times, I visited Bali again with my husband. To make the most of our short holiday, we decided to give the Monkey Forest Ubud a visit. I felt hesitant, but to show my boyfriend that I was an intrepid girl, I nodded my head heartily, despite the fear that haunted me. Maybe, this visit could dispel the bad impressions about monkeys I developed from the past…
To sum up, we made a beeline to a location that was situated only about 15 minutes away by car from our hotel. I didn’t remember how much we paid for the entrance tickets at that time, but undoubtedly the price for foreigners and the locals are considerably different.

Additional Information

Monkey Forest Ubud has its own official name, Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. It is open from 08.30 to 18.00 everyday. The entrance fee is about 50.000 IDR (around 3 dollars now).

Daily Life of Monkeys

The Monkey Forest is a real forest with old exotic trees covering spanning across almost the entire area. Even in the hottest day in summer, you won’t feel the heat, as the trees are always ready to protect you. Don’t forget to take off your hat! Monkeys would much like to grab and take it from you!
Don’t get lost in the forest. Pay attention to your route, as the forest consists of many small paths that actually lead to one place (the center), where you can find a small plaza.
What do the monkeys do in their spare time? Check out these pictures about how they wisely spend their time.

What you must and must NOT do in the Monkey Forest:


  1. Get a ticket at the entrance
  2. Buy bananas if you want to feed the monkeys, but hold them carefully
  3. Use normal clothes, as they might jump on you and who knows what they will do if you’re wearing a tube top?
  4. Keep all your belongings in your bag. Take off your glasses and sunglasses, hats, or any other gaudy accessories that will attract monkeys’ attention.

Must NOT:

  1. Litter anywhere
  2. Being too close to the monkeys, or trying to pet them. They will bite you (in certain cases)
  3. Keep bananas in a strange place, such as inside your clothes and so forth. It’s no use trying to hide them, because monkeys can smell them and will harm you if they are too enthusiastic in getting those bananas from you.

This is a real story that happened in front of my very eyes: A family consisting of a boy, a girl and their parents were trying to joke with the monkeys by hiding their bananas in their pockets or inside their clothes. And when the monkeys surrounded them, jumped on them and forced them to give up the bananas, they shouted loudly and blamed the monkeys.
The one rule is — here, the monkeys are always right. So, behave wisely and don’t take any risks.

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