You can see, but you can’t swim: beaches in Yogyakarta

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Writing has always been painstaking work for me. Not only because I need to put a lot of effort into expressing something in a language that is not my mother tongue, but also because I must do thorough research so what I write will be readable and contains fact, without consisting of lots of boring and meaningless paragraphs. Moreover, as a real procrastinator, I need more time than normal people need to write even a single sentence. Another thing that jeopardizes all these situations is the undeniable fact that I like to put off some activities (almost all, actually) if I consider them to be ‘not so fun’ activities — why do it now if I can do it later? Nah…
So, because all of these problems, a long and painful meditation was required when I finally wrote about the beaches in Yogyakarta.

To be honest, I should have posted it 3 years ago. But please re-read my reasons above…
After I dug deeper into my memories, I finally figured out what kind of beaches I visited in Yogyakarta, and what their names were. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Yogyakarta is blessed with beaches, you can find more than 40 beaches around its coast. But, and there is a but… It’s totally different from Bali, Lombok, or let’s say, Hawaii. Due to locations that directly face towards the Pacific Ocean, the beaches in Yogyakarta often have really big waves, good for surfing. Again, this doesn’t mean that you can surf whenever you’d like (I believe that all surfers know this very well) because of the contour of the beaches themselves, which contains sharp rocks, or are just not suitable for surfing. What you can do at these kinds of beaches is stroll around their shores, soak your feet and take some cool pictures for Instagram.

How about sunbathing wearing a bikini?

Errr, it’s a hard question to answer. Speaking personally, I have never seen anybody laying out sexily on their towel, getting a suntan. This kind of recreation is not as popular as in Bali, for example. An acceptable outfit for swimming is shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, like the locals do. In case you want to see how it feels to sunbathe in bikini, just try it. But I won’t take responsibility. No, the locals won’t attack you, it’s all just about their code of ethics, as they aren’t used to seeing people in very ‘inappropriate’ outfits. From the 45-47 beaches spread around the region, I visited only three of them.

Baron Beach

This ‘beach’ is small, with a dozens of fishing boats dominating the area. The sitting area under the umbrella is available by paying around 2 USD per hour. As you can see, there were not so many tourists here. But, still, a bikini would be an awkward outfit among the locals (meaning the fishermen).

Kukup Beach

A stone’s throw away from Baron beach, Kukup is definitely not appropriate for swimming. Not only does it have big waves, but the contour of the beach itself is rocky. It would hurt if you get thrown, hit by the waves into the stones. Eww…

Sundak Beach

Sundak beach is almost similar with the first beach we visited — a base for the fishermen. That means you can’t just lay around spreading your beach towel on the sand without facing a bit of difficulty when choosing a right place. Despite of its function, the beach is considerably clean. Playing on the water and doing a short swim not so far from the shore is allowed as long as you mind your safety.

The myth in Parangtritis

Indonesians believe in superstition, so do I as I am a real Indonesian. According to our belief (myth, taboo), going to Parangtritis beach wearing green clothes is a big no-no. It is said that the Queen of the sea, named Nyi Roro Kidul, will drag you away, recruiting you as one of her workers. Of course, you can believe it or you don’t, but that’s one of the reason why some Indonesians ignore this color when they visit some beaches along the south coast.

Other beaches which you can visit

  1. Pok Tunggal
  2. Jogan
  3. Drini
  4. Glagah
  5. Nglambor

And so on…. Have a great time and don’t forget to smear your sunblock!

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