Zoological Museum Moscow

Having a rich and long history during its foundation, Moscow undoubtedly has a wealth of museums, architecture, and many other historical elements. This is why visiting Moscow is a must if you are an aficionado of classical ballets, old buildings, theatres and museums. I can guarantee that you will not regret your experience in the capital which sometimes offers you a smattering of museums with free entrance!Free? How come?Shortly after the summer begins, museums in Moscow have a special program to attract more visitors by giving free entrance or by opening the museums until midnight. You may check the date of the offers on the website: www.afisha.ru (in Russian). What is…

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Ubud Monkey Forest

  Do I like monkeys? Err...yes I do, but only in movies or in pictures. I am a big fan of a pretty well-known movie in Asia “The Monkey King: Journey to the west” and used to imagine that all monkeys in the world could behave like Sun Go Kong: funny, smart, friendly. But, that kind of imagination faded away as soon as I experienced my first encounter with what will be our main theme today, monkeys. I met my first monkey in Bali, if I am not wrong, it was in Sangeh. The conclusion I drew from that meeting was ‘It was so frightening having them…

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  ​Frankly, I am not an aficionado of the hamburger. Since I was a kid, I have preferred fried chicken. The reason might be that I am a real Asian who has never liked bread (any types of bread), or that meat is too hard to be digested by my sensitive tummy. Moreover, I try not to get into the habit of eating too much junk food if there are other choices available. Unfortunately, due to a lack of small, cheap restaurants in Moscow, I finally gave in. Once or twice a month I can’t turn down the chance to go to Burger King, McDonald's, or another…

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Hotel Recommendation via Booking.com

 I am not a part of Booking.com’s team. I don’t work for them, and this article is not sponsored by this site. It’s just my recommendation in case somebody needs it.Finding a nice, modest, and cheap hotel in Vietnam is very easy. To be honest, I find it more difficult to get a hotel in my own homeland. In some big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and so forth, the prices are rising drastically every year. Bali is not an exception, although it has more options compared to other regions in Indonesia. This makes perfect sense as Bali is one of the most visited destinations in Indonesia, so there is…

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Mobile Apps for Moscow Region

  One of the best ways to get to know the city is by walking its streets with a local resident. I fully agree with this sentiment. But, of course this doesn’t mean that you cannot invite your foreign friends to go with you. What you need to explore a new city is a map, time, money, and guts. Mobile Apps for routes and places to visit in Moscow For those who love technology or anything sophisticated, there are plenty of choices of apps that can be downloaded free on Google Play or the App Store. For example, a friend of mine (the same friend that invited…

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