Feeling Under the Weather in Russia


Spring is always inspiring and invigorating.

During the springtime our body starts to react differently. It’s as if the energy that was previously “boiled away” during the winter suddenly rose to its peak. The brighter the sun shines, the happier we feel. The greener the grass, the more itchy feet we have. It’s just too hard to stay at home working like a dog when it is too sunny to be true outside, isn’t it? What we want to do is just sit in the sun, lying on the grass and sipping some coke as company. We don’t even care that the wind might still be as harsh as before and the sun as timid as in the winter. The thought of the summer soon to come has woken us up.

Unfortunately, those changes apply not only to us, but to a handful of bacteria and viruses that hibernate during the winter. They wake up and start to ruin our (especially my) life!

When I was in Indonesia, being sick was my way of life. I often felt under the weather three or four times per month: that was one of the reasons why my bosses always hated me and to be honest I also hated office work (this is just a secret between us). To make it more dramatic, my colleagues in the office always told me that I looked like «death warmed up». I walked like a zombie and stopped for a rest every 100 meters. It’s a shame when an 80 year-old lady walks faster than you!

I did whatever I could to recharge my battery, from taking breaks to taking hundreds of multivitamins, just to feel better. But that was in vain (recently, I found out that I had a lack of iron). Since I have this problem, I decided to pack all of the tablets I’ve ever tried and consumed in Indonesia and transport them all to Russia. Thank God the Immigration and Customs didn’t suspect me as a drug dealer and confiscate all ‘my precious’.

At the beginning, those drugs worked effectively. But then, all those colorful pills turned into no more than something like candy for me: you can chew it, it will harm you in some cases, but it won’t cure any illness you have at that moment. The only difference is that candy surely is sweeter than those pills and tablets. In one of my emergency cases where I couldn’t stand up for feeling nauseous, I eventually gave up and took Russian super pills. I am a hard-to-please person, but the medicine suggested by my husband and my mother-in-law was undeniably effective. Since then, I have started to adopt one more thing in my new life — I have started to believe in their medicines and their doctors.

All the medicines I tried are available without prescription. To put it simply, they can be easily obtained in the nearby pharmacy. But, for the sake of your health, please consult your doctor first.


Good for: migraine
Type of medicine: pills
Having a splitting headache due to adverse weather conditions is something normal for me since I’ve been living in Russia (Moscow). During this time, normally I will become super unfriendly, antisocial and a woman spitting fire. To prevent this kind of situation, my kind husband always fills up our medicine box with this medicine. He checks from time to time, making sure it’s always available for me to prevent World War 3 happening that soon in Russia. Citramon itself contains caffeine, citric acid, and surely aspirin.
It’s best taken after food, 1 pills every 4 hours, with a maximum dosage of 8 pills per day. One is enough for me though.


Good for: food poisoning
Type of medicine: powder
I am quite a slacker when it comes to cooking. I have a handful of excuses for this. First, I am not good at cooking (I can cook but it won’t be as tasty as if Jamie Oliver had done it). Second, when I do cook, the smell itself successfully dampens my appetite, which means I will eat it just because I need to, not because I want to. And third, I like trying something new. There’s nothing good in being lazy – remember that. Sometimes I buy food from some cafe and sometimes I just cobble together what I have in the refrigerator. The result is predictable: I have problems with my tummy (which happens more regularly this year). If the diarrhea starts (ew, sorry!), I just dissolve this powder in water and drink it. It works well for me. Per day you can take only 4-6 packages and only one hour before or after the food.


Good for: indigestion, food poisoning, heartburn
Type of medicine: tablets
Another medicine that is dedicated to food poisoning or tummy trouble in general is unienzyme. Containing charcoal, this black tablet will absorb all the symptoms that cause uneasy feelings in your tummy. I usually take this medicine after gobbling too much different food at one time, which is, undoubtedly, not recommended even if you’re not on a journey.


Good for: flu, headache, cold
Type of medicine: powder
This powder is actually produced in France but sold commercially in Russia.  It is available in three varieties: lemon, berry, and flavorless. Fervex is able to reduce the classic symptoms of cold such as headache, runny nose, and sore throat.  To use, dissolve the powder in lukewarm water and sip it the way you sip tea. The taste will be good, but be careful of its side-effect, sleepiness. Make sure that you do not drive or work while taking this medication. I tried to work once after sipping Fervex, and I ended up sleeping in front of my computer instead of feeling fit and finishing my translations.


Good for: indigestion, food poisoning, heartburn
Type of medicine: gel
Before I immigrated to Russia, I had never thought that I would take gel as medication.  I usually use gel for hair and taking showers, so how could I ingest it? At first, I couldn’t even swallow it due to its strange taste and quirky texture. I almost threw up, and I thought that might be how the medication worked — just to make me throw up. To prevent vomiting, drink a glass of water to help you push the gel through your mouth and down your throat. Enterosgel costs more than Smecta or Unienzyme, but it has comparatively faster effects.

Other medications for other problems:


Tantum Verde Forte

Sore throat



Sore throat



Sore throat





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  1. Несомненно, аптеки в Росии намного лучше, чем в Индонезии. Особенно в плане наличия витаминов, минеральных добавок, прочих лекарств.
    Причём, часто дешевле, чем в Индонезии.
    Хаха, я бы не советовал слишком часто потреблять цитрамон (парацетамол, аспирин), это вредно для печени и помогая в одном месте, вредит другому.
    Он не устраняет причину боли, а просто притупляет боль.
    Скорее всего, лучше попробовать пить крепкий чай и кофе, возможно мигрень от сужения сосудов.

    1. До, это очевидно, мне нравится больше система здравоохранения в России, и аптека просто классная. Что касается цитрамон, то да, я очень редко их принимают, предпочитаю домашнее лекарство — чай с мёдом и имбирь. спасибо за коментарии!

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