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​Frankly, I am not an aficionado of the hamburger. Since I was a kid, I have preferred fried chicken. The reason might be that I am a real Asian who has never liked bread (any types of bread), or that meat is too hard to be digested by my sensitive tummy. Moreover, I try not to get into the habit of eating too much junk food if there are other choices available.
Unfortunately, due to a lack of small, cheap restaurants in Moscow, I finally gave in. Once or twice a month I can’t turn down the chance to go to Burger King, McDonald’s, or another fast food chain. Normally I just have nuggets, a muffin and a cappuccino with a dash of milk.
Then, some months ago, a local friend of mine invited me to visit a Finnish restaurant. For Indonesians who live far far away from Scandinavian countries, Finland sounds so tantalizing. I mean, where could I find a Finnish restaurant in Indonesia? (Nowhere, that’s where.) So, I accepted this invitation with great curiosity.
This Finnish restaurant appeared to be a hamburger restaurant. As an amateur foodie (plus the fact that I needed something to write about in my blog), this restaurant was worth a try. After strolling around the capital for about two and a half hours, we eventually turned up in Arbatskaya. Remember — you need to go to Old Arbat to find this uncommon restaurant. From the other side of Arbat (if you pass the metro station ‘Arbatskaya’ it means that you are going in the right direction), you can go straight till you find a Cinnabon bakery; it is on your right-hand side. Hess Burger shares a place with Cinnabon. In spite of that, this restaurant is quite well designed. You can stay on the first floor or go up to the second one. And if you are still hungry after one or two hamburgers, you can get your lip-smacking Cinnabon croissant at the same place.
Hess Burger has lots of choices that are perfectly portioned and deceptively simple, starting from a double burger with two slices of beef to a mouth-watering soy or veggie tortilla specially made for vegetarians. My favorite is the chicken tortilla. The crisp-on-the-outside skin of the tortilla is just perfect for covering what is inside — the full topping consists of lettuce, chicken fillet strips, onion, tomato, Greek-style cheese cubes, AND a handful of jalapeño. They said that it was just the right amount, but don’t believe it! Hess Burger is the very generous compared to any other restaurants.
I went up to the second floor where there was nobody hanging around just to find a circuit breaker. The second floor is even more simple, not so different from other fast food restaurants. But that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change the fact that I was gobbling a toothsome hamburger.
The price is affordable and reasonable enough, so you don’t need to break your budget just to have lunch here.

Hyvää ruokahalua!  

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