Korean Restaurants in Moscow

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To be frank, I am not a wealthy girl with a thick wallet and lots of credit cards. But, I love to try new things anytime I get a big project that pays me a bit more than usual. One of my favourite things to try is new foods. Exotic foods, strange foods, exquisite foods, street foods, and so on. As long as the food is eye catching, smells good and makes my stomach rumble, I will try it.
So, a few weeks ago, I craved Korean food for seemingly no reason. Or maybe I had a reason, one important reason — I really missed spicy food. It’s been almost a year since I ate really spicy food with real chilli. Russia does have chilli, but for Indonesians, this chilli is so weak that it seems like its for children.
Then I found two big Korean restaurants in the city. And here is my review of the restaurants:


Address: Ulitsa 1905 goda, 2A, Moscow, 123610
This buzzing restaurant is situated in the center of Moscow, about 15-20 minutes walking distance from the city center. It is nothing special from the outside. That’s why you might get confused trying to distinguish this restaurant from the other buildings beside it. What you need to do is look for a big banner that says : Hite.
The interior is dominated by brown. The design is quite comfy for a meeting with friends or colleagues. Eating beside the big window overlooking the street is great. But eating in the corner of the restaurant is just as good. I prefer to eat in the corner. But, unfortunately, on the day I went, the restaurant was quite full. I looked around at all the tables and only found one or two free tables beside the windows. 
For the menu, Hite not only offers you Korean barbeque but also ramen, rice and anything else that you would imagine being in a Korean restaurant. They really do have everything. The only exception is tteokbogi.
The price is okay, so you won’t go bankrupt if you go here.


Address: Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya 14/1, Moscow, 119146
Thanks to its’ location right by the river, Beliy Zhuravl is easy to find compared to Hite. Moreover, it is located in a quiet area. So, you won’t find that many people walking in this direction. From here you can also go directly to the famous park — Park Kultury.
And now it is time to talk about the food. In my opinion, this restaurant has a really atypical menu (or maybe it’s that I’m not familiar with the dishes). The good thing is that they have Tteokbokki. They also have stir-fried rice cakes which are normally served with a special sauce and a spicy sauce. Even though it was mouthwateringly delicious and just really tasty, I didn’t manage to finish it all by myself due to the large portion size. So I asked them to pack it in a doggy bag so I could eat it at home.
At the end of my food adventure, I had to try really hard not to cry as I was really shocked by the bill…
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