You Need to Visit Luxembourg because….

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To be frank, I didn’t even dare to imagine that I would ever step foot in this country. 

When I lived in Indonesia, whenever someone asked me the question, “Which country would you most like to visit if you could go to Europe?”, Luxembourg never crossed my mind. I would automatically say, “Spain, Italy, or Germany.”

No, I don’t mean to offend the locals. Not at all. That was just because I had no idea how to get there and what to see there. Only later did I understand that it is one of the must-visit countries for me if someday I go to Europe.

And it turns out that it wasn’t as complicated as I thought to get there. And, talking about the country, I took an immediate liking to it as soon as my feet stepped off the bus and onto Luxembourg’s smooth and flawless asphalt.

The City is Super Clean

Anyone who has never been to many of the countries in Europe may think that I am being silly. Yet, believe it or not, not all European countries have a high standard of cleanliness if we are talking about the cities. For example, I successfully found human waste on the street in Frankfurt. Thank God, I found nothing close to it in Luxembourg. The city is super-duper clean, the asphalt is so smooth and flawless, and the sidewalks are just perfect for ambling around the vicinity. With a cup of coffee in your left hand and a tasty sandwich from the local bakery in your right, there’s nothing more to worry about if you want to enjoy the city as it is.

The people are friendly…. and stylish

Another plus point to make your journey even more unforgettable is the locals. No matter how good the scenery is or how precious their historical places are, without the locals’ hospitality, you wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to stay longer, or at least enjoy your short visit. And, thank God, Luxembourg has it all. From my point of view, the locals are friendly… and stylish. Yes, stylish. Wherever you turn your head, you will see guys in very neat coats or suits, well built, and clean. Ahem… And the women, they are well dressed without looking like they’re trying too hard. So, besides the beautiful scenery, you can also indulge your eyes with another kind of ‘view’. 😉

The sandwiches are very tasty!

You may tell me I’m being silly, but Luxembourg has a multitude of bakery choices spread around the city. It was a little bit of a surprise for me, as in Indonesia we don’t usually eat sandwiches for breakfast, and in Russia, according to the government during the USSR time, Hercules oatmeal porridge or buckwheat was the most perfect breakfast ever. The locals stride into the office with a lip-smacking sandwich in one hand and a paper cup of coffee or tea in the other. So, to immerse ourselves in the local life, we visited one of the bakeries at the train station and, overwhelmed by the amount of sandwiches in front of us, chose a simple one consisting of basil leaves, a piece of mozzarella, and tomatoes. After one bite of it, I decided that it was the best sandwich I had ever tasted in my life.

The view is just amazing

Considered to be one of the most beautiful balconies of Europe, Le Chemin de la Corniche is one of the main attractions to visit in Luxembourg. The scenery is just amazing. Even with a low-quality cellphone, you can still take a beautiful picture. So what is this place, exactly? Le Chemin de la Corniche is an old town of Luxembourg. Tourists cannot resist the idea of ambling around its neighborhood, including myself. Unfortunately, the weather was quite horrible when I was there; it was freezing and too uncomfortable to walk further. So, I just took the picture and went to other places. 

Other attractions available in the city by walking is Groussherzogleche Palais in the city center. You can’t go inside, but at least you can enjoy the view and its guards marching back and forth in front of the palace. 

And please don’t forget Adolphe-Bréck and Constitution Square. They are all free; you don’t need to spend even a penny.

Adolphe-Bréck has become an unofficial national symbol of Luxembourg’s independence, and is also Luxembourg City’s main attraction. This bridge is unique in that it has two decks. The first deck is for motor vehicles and has two pedestrian footpaths, while the second deck is reserved specially for a two-way bicycle path.

And also don't dare to forget about free museums.

My recommendation

Ideal duration to stay in Luxembourg: 3-4 days (don’t judge by its size – Luxembourg has much to discover).

Ideal season to visit: spring or summer. Autumn in Luxembourg is quite cold, no matter how thin the clothes the locals wear are. The temperature ranges from +2 to -2. It froze me out!

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