Korean Restaurants in Moscow

  To be frank, I am not a wealthy girl with a thick wallet and lots of credit cards. But, I love to try new things anytime I get a big project that pays me a bit more than usual. One of my favourite things to try is new foods. Exotic foods, strange foods, exquisite foods, street foods, and so on. As long as the food is eye catching, smells good and makes my stomach rumble, I will try it. So, a few weeks ago, I craved Korean food for seemingly no reason. Or maybe I had a reason, one important reason - I really missed spicy…

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New Year and Christmas in Russia (Part 1)

This is my third time celebrating New Year in Russia and every year has its own story. The first year I lived here, I was kind of surprised by how Russians celebrate one of the most important dates in their calendar. As I am used to living in Indonesia, where you are given the freedom to choose whether you will celebrate New Year’s Eve or not (normally I take option two: not celebrating, as I always fell asleep before midnight), in Russia I experienced something which is known as culture shock. I had no choice but to celebrate it, because they do! From the second week of…

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Maslenitsa (Part 1)

 In March last year, I attended one of the most popular celebrations in Russia, which is called Maslenitsa – Pancake Day. At first, I had no idea what that was. What I knew was in that day, people ate too much pancake along with the side dish : vareniya a.k.a jam made from fruits. I didn't even know the history behind it until finally, I tried to read it in my book, which later I regretted as it was a really bad decision (my Russian that day was not as so ...... as today - now I don't even know how to describe about my Russian level).So, based on…

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Krabi is located in the south of Thailand. It is almost close to the border with Malaysia. This makes your journey easier especially if you go from Malaysia and across the border directly to Thailand. I did cross the border not long ago, when I was still single and had the thirst of adventure. Going from Singapore, I went through Malaysia, made a stop in Kuala Lumpur then decided to visit Thailand after. Fortunately, from Malaysia, you can easily buy a ticket from a place, which is known as Pudu Raya bus station. There you can choose whichever companies will bring you to Thailand with a really…

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Lost in Vung Tau

Firstly, I need to apologize profusely for leading my travel buddy, Mak Sri, astray. I hope that she will forgive me. Vung Tau is located not far from the capital city and actually, it takes only two hours to travel there. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I persuaded and convinced her to stop in Vung Tau for two days. Or maybe it was because almost all of the travel agents in Vietnam kept wildly promoting  the beauty of this area in their brochures and banners. Eventually, after creating some effective methods of brainwashing my friend, we decided to stay for a while in this…

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