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Summer is the perfect time to try something new and unusual. Many people might spend their sunny summer days on the lakeside, doing “sun-sational” activities such as lying on the grass or sunbathing while sipping on a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. As I am not an aquaholic (I am a beach bum, but unfortunately we don’t have actual beaches in Moscow), I usually prefer staying indoors, where there are less crowds during this time of year. That’s why I chose to visit a museum. Wait! Don’t close this page at the word “museum”! This museum is definitely a place where people of all ages would love to spend their free time.

Welcome to the Arcade Museum!

Back before Play Stations emerged, going to the arcade was wildly popular. Maybe you’ve still retained a love for retro arcades? Personally, I love both. The Arcade Museum brought back silly memories from my childhood. I still remember my mom tricking my brother and me by taking us to the arcade right next to the dentist office, which was our true destination.
And we fell for this trick multiple times!
We would shriek, beg, and try to escape as our BECAK (Indonesian rickshaw) approached the clinic. Unable to escape our fate, we would endure an hour of dental torture, then sprint to the arcades. Though we knew what our mom was up to, we always chose to go along with it anyway. It was worth it to go to the Arcade afterwards! That was our routine for about 2 years when I was 7 years old. And now, I’ve found this perfectly nostalgic museum on one of the most famous streets in Moscow – Kuznetsky Most.


Kuznetsky Most
You can reach it by taking the metro purple line to the Kuznetskiy Most stop. From the metro station, go through the small tunnel, turn right, and then turn left on the t-junction. Follow the directions carefully: this modest museum is easy to miss!


I think, right after you go out the metro station, you will find this on your left side. What you need to do is turn right!
I think, right after you go out the metro station, you will find this on your left side. What you need to do is turn right!

Arcade Machines

You might even recognize some games like Periscope, which is my favorite. Periscope is an early submarine simulator or light gun shooter game.  Your mission is to sink as many submarines as possible by using the periscope to target the submarines, and then pushing the «Fire» button at just the right moment. According to Wikipedia, this type of game was successful in Japan, the U.S., and the Soviet Union. 


Morskoy Boi a.k.a Periscope


Inside the Periscope
Another great arcade game was Sniper. As the sniper, you need to have a perfect shot every time for each of your targets. I was good at this game too since it required expert level focus.
In addition to first person shooter games, you’ll also find games like Repka. Repka is a type of «strong man» game  that you might find a carnival. The narrative of the game was inspired by one of the most famous children’s stories in Russia. In the story, a family consisting of a grandfather, grandmother, and granddaughter are attempting to dig up a turnip that the grandfather planted. The turnip ended up growing so big that the grandfather, due to his old age, was unable to dig it up. So he asked  the grandmother to help, but she couldn’t do it  either. At that point the grandmother asked the granddaughter for help, but when she couldn’t dig up the turnip she  turned to the dog for help. The dog, also unable to remove the turnip, asked the cat who then asked the mouse to help  too. Eventually, all six were attempting to dig up the turnip and finally they were able to remove it! Based on the Russian story, I bet you can guess how the arcade game is played. In the game, you need to pull the turnip as hard as possible. The game will then measure your strength and let you know whether you’re as strong as the grandpa, grandma, granddaughter, dog, cat or mouse! 
There are a variety of classic and interesting games in the arcade besides these three.  I’ve tried the basketball, football, and Safari games in addition to any other games that looked interesting.  Once you find the arcade, all you need to do is buy an entrance ticket and some playing coins.  Be sure to use all your coins and enjoy the games!


The guide book


Old telephone booth
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