Mobile Apps for Moscow Region

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One of the best ways to get to know the city is by walking its streets with a local resident. I fully agree with this sentiment. But, of course this doesn’t mean that you cannot invite your foreign friends to go with you. What you need to explore a new city is a map, time, money, and guts.

Mobile Apps for routes and places to visit in Moscow

For those who love technology or anything sophisticated, there are plenty of choices of apps that can be downloaded free on Google Play or the App Store. For example, a friend of mine (the same friend that invited me to this restaurant) suggested that I use an application from Meduza Project. If you can speak Russian, this application is really reliable, simple, and complete. Yet, if you only know how to greet people and you are not ready to do anything more complicated than that, I recommend you use Yandex Map. It is really useful, especially if you don’t have a good sense of direction like me.

Just a Map

As everybody knows, in Russia Google is not as popular as Yandex. We still use Google, but sorry to say, Yandex provides more functionality than Google could ever have, including maps, news, film schedules, music, weather forecasts, and currency rates. Regarding the map, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play as usual. Unfortunately, Yandex Map is only available in Russian, so like it or not, you need to learn how to read the cyrillic alphabet to use the app.

How about an application for the metro?

As the most important and most used form of transportation, the metro or subway has its own application available for download. No need to visit, take a screenshot of metro routes, or bring your traditional worn out map. Find the simple but really reliable Metro application on your smartphone, especially if you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I live in Moscow, so I don’t know what the application looks like for the St. Petersburg area.

Yandex Transport

For bus lovers and subway haters, this application might satisfy your needs. With Yandex Transport you can watch your next bus or tram as they move along their routes in real time. So there’s not much of a chance you’ll miss the bus. Frankly speaking, I have never tried this app, as I don’t feel comfortable traveling by bus or tram.

Have a wonderful journey in Moscow!

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