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Don’t lie to me; don’t say that you don’t love fast food.
I understand that healthy people can easily survive without consuming any fast food. They even consider this food to be a serious threat to human health. But still, people don’t care (myself included sometimes) and keep funding, aiding, and supporting some giant’s fast food kingdom (you-know-what-they-are). Eating fast food has become a part of our modern life, a part of entertainment that you can hardly get in your busy day. So having this food available sometimes is not a big sin, is it? I don’t think that it is a sin, especially when you know that the fast food restaurant serves more than deep-fried chicken.
​What I found in Russia is a bit uncommon. As a self-contained country, Russia always prefers to support itself with its own local products, including soft drinks, fast food restaurants, and other things that perhaps make you think that they are a bit crazy. I don’t think so. Instead, I think that this is a smart idea. Remember that when many countries try to give you sanctions for various things, providing your people with good food and good products is responsible behavior. So you don’t need to rely on somebody just to eat, drink, wear clothes, etc.
So don’t be surprised if instead of Cola, you will find other drinks sitting quietly on the rack in the supermarket (sometimes). And today I would like to tell you about fast food – A fast food with Russian taste.

Teremok is a type of house which normally belonged to rich people in the past. There are also many stories for kids that use “Teremok” as a title. But Teremok here is the name of a fast food chain restaurant that you can find in almost any food court in Russia. It’s really easy to recognize ‘Teremok’—just try to find a Matryoshka (Russian traditional doll) with a red background, along with a hohloma pattern which is dominated by red and yellow.
No need to imagine hamburger, fried potatoes, or pasta. They don’t sell it. What they have on their menu is: kasha or porridge, blini a.k.a pancake, pelmeni or Russian dumplings, soup (soup with salmon, soup with mushroom, and so forth), grain, and of course, Russian drinks such as Tarkhun (I will explain in another section), and morsh (berry juice). Unfortunately, you won’t find Vodka here…sorry…


That was what I took for a brief and light lunch


A pancake in the shape of a burger, pancakes with cheese and mushroom, pancakes with bacon, smoked beef, etc.
Sweet pancake with white condensed milk, pancake with banana and chocolate, pancake with apple and caramel and so forth.
The famous Borsch and other Russian typical soup
To watch the menu fully, you can visit this site through this link: http://www.teremok.ru/​
The price, overall is really friendly on your wallet; they won’t make you go bankrupt. Is it enough for lunch or dinner? For me, an Asian, surely, as we only eat a small portion. But if you don’t feel that it’s enough, you are free to order again and again.


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